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Annoying ass Pk stories.....post em here (:

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Okay just feel like making a random ass post about it cuz it just happen. Im at NS and these AEs kill my buddy so i atk them and start a 2v1 and im winning, kill the arch go for the barb and he is ticked 1/4 health, this AE bm runs up full buffed and kills me with the arch who came back, im a sin btw...i keep going back and the same things happen except a mystic comes and makes this situation even harder with the 4v1....after awhile got pissed and called 2 of my buddies and we destroyed them. The Bm comes back full buffed and i debuff with a bow, and destory him (i have normal sin buffs) he says im garbage so i ask for 1v1 and he ignores...i keep asking and he tells me to find him, found him on other side of NS, full buffed, drop him and ask for another 1v1 and he turns it down again and says im not strong at all. SO then im like yeah yeah i understand u know you'll lose. His reply is "i cant 1v1 i will destroy u in mass pk" uhm...in mass pk you tend to have buffs...imo that was possibly the dumbest thing ive heard so far playing epw....to tehnically tell someone ur better than them, but only if u gank.....LOL

Bm name is xOkiyura...

anyways i needed to complain to someone xD soooo yeah :D imma make this a annoying pk story topic..any of them, just post here...you'll feel better :D

update: him and his wife 2v1'd i won, 2nd time i killed his wife and archer jumped in and i was winning AGAIN....LOLLL he says im weakkkk
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I'd rather read it here than see it in world chat.


Worms in NS....
that is all

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Can't even handle 5v1 sad

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I'd rather read it here than see it in world chat.
Yes. Though they're about the same either way.  :tiger-9:

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Worms in NS....
that is all

I agree  :normal-13:

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Messing with 147 BM outside lost.
An archer and a cleric come and gank me, Drop demonic boots "full weak ahahahhah" etc etc.
Call 3 people.
Stunlock cleric as she tries to run away and laugh as she gets 4v1 gank
Revenge is sweet

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my advice, do not take it too seriously because if you do i'm afraid you'll have a heart attack soon, and it's a shame you're too young ....  :P

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walk out of sz ..... gank gank gank gank ..... o then noob ass sin stealth sparks >.<

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Two random archers gank my mystic, i kill one, the other kites so I don't get to kill him, the other archer comes back, I kill him again, I almost get the other archer and the other other archer comes back, they stun lock me and kill me. q.q I get butthurt and ask for 2v1 again, like a fag.
This time they try and stun lock, it doesn't work so one BoAs and one aps and stuns. q.q
I died.

Moral: if you're wik don't ask for 2v1 without rules. Jajaja.

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I got killed in 1vs1 and then he said im noob in real life :(
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I died this one time, it made me angry.

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got called noob cause i was using tidal buff  :sad:

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Im in pk mode, killing Cloudclawer? The big ugly red world boss near archo, noob archer comes, pulls boss closer to archo north-western corner, on the hill where Ducks (All in pk mode) are chilling, they gank me and steal my WB. I respawn at Archo, stealth,  go to Ducks, see em running away from WB and WB chasing em, I kill em one by one.
At the end of the day: Ducks 1 -  Me 14