Epic Perfect World - The most popular Perfect World private server

Game Info

Epic Perfect World has been founded in November 2011. Our staff has tried their hardest to keep things going smoothly for the players who enjoy the server. Things are very customized, while hoping to keep balance between the classes. We try to listen to input as much as possible and be in an understanding position. Thank you to all the older players who still visit our server, and to those who are new, we hope you enjoy your time here. Remember, there's always more to come.

Epic Perfect World is the most popular international private server. We have over five years of constant, professional development behind us. But there are more reasons why you should try it:

  • Full Elysium update, 12 classes, Homestead, Nation Wars, updated skills and existing PWI features, customized in our own, unique way!
  • New players are starting with level 150 and PvP ready gears.
  • We have the biggest collection of mounts, flights and fashions out of any PW Server.
  • Boutique and other useful items can be bought from NPCs for in-game coins.
  • New, balanced high grade gear. Also with beautiful and previously unseen weapons and armors.
  • Event system - players can gain special Event Tokens and exchange them for valuable items.

Server info:

  • Level Cap: 150 (Start with instant 150)
  • Exp from monsters: x10 (custom exp curve)
  • Drop: 100% (no level penalty)
  • Spirit: x100
  • Gold: x100
  • Prestige / Influence: x5