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I need advice! (mostly guy advice)

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Well Svetlana.
You made this post to draw ppl`s attention on you:) You like to post your pics, you like to be popular and it is fine!
You are not Muslim, your family, parents are, but you don´t care and it is great!
Religion is all about controlling people, nothing more. About the guy, does not matter if Muslim or from mars, all guys have same hormones, they will go for your body. I never said that you are a bad person:)
You know that guys are a bit underdeveloped at this age, just tell him you like him and ask him out, if want to be honest, or tell him that you really like having him as a friend and would liek to keep it this way, because relationships end up quickly.
You said, you get emotional and stuff, it`s because you are lacking mental balance, independence. There is too much pressure  on you from your society, family, you just want to be free and have fun. The relligion is one thing that is preventing you from being yourself.
P.S. You have put an avatar pic with a pretty friend also for a reason. Why you think you can tell ppl`s character according to their birth date? Because everyone is a type, everyone is quite the same concerning behaviors, it is all fine:9

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Dunno if you're still taking advice, but I'd like to give you some from an older woman's perspective.

Your story actually reminds me of my own.  There was a guy who was sweet, fell in love with that sweetness.  But later I learned that he was only that way to get in my drawers and when I said no, he dropped me.  Then a few years later, met another one, sweet as hell.  He was also quite shy, so this was the one (and only) time I stepped out of my comfort zone and told him that I liked him.  He admitted that he did too, but little did I know that he wanted nothing more than a piece of ass.  He buttered me up enough to the point where I would give it up.   Then went off to college (we were both 18) and he promised to come visit me at college. I never saw him.  I was on good standing with his parents (part of the buttering process) and I told his mom what was up. She couldn't even defend her own son. 

The point here is that at your age, hell, even older (my husband, at 26 is a perv),guys are horny by default.  Is it possible that he wants nothing? Yeah, but regardless of religion, teen guys are just looking for a warm hole for their pole.

So be careful.  Lest your heart will be so jacked up and broken that not even years of chocolate and therapy can mend.  It took me years to regain the trust of guys. Would suck to see someone else go down that road.

Stay Classy.
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Want my opinion? You are a little attention freak you need everyone to be talking about you. This first post proves it. You post a picture of yourself in it to get attention. You make a thread with a completely moronic story in it. You say he doesn't judge you based on your looks because he is muslim? BAAHAHAHA you, I and everyone on this planet knows that guys no matter the religion will judge by looks because if we didn't like the way a woman looked we wouldn't truly love them. I am not saying guys won't ever truly love an "ugly" woman because that simply does not  exist to one person someone might look unattractive but to someone else they are the most beautiful person on the planet. But anyways this thread is pointless and everyone knows it.

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She got her answer upon the first reply. There's no need to be rude.

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37: