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Does your name have a meaning?

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Just out of curiosity.. I started this in guild chat and thought I'd ask over the forums. What are your character names and why did you choose em? n_n

Mordenita - Variation of Morrenita which means black girl in spanish.
Losergoddess - WELLLLL.. This name is a long story. I like unique nicknames not shizz like bobo and SHAYSHAY (sorry guys no offense :l) So when I was in middle school I made up a nickname QueenLoser. After a while the name seemed too small and I one day came up with Goddess_of_Losers which I started using on my Myspace I made... After a while Losergoddess just kind of came into the works the rest is history.
MordenitaBR - Inside joke no I'm not BR lol. It's an inside joke between some friends.
KinkyCookies - An inside joke made between friends. I use to always say (still do sometimes) that cookies are kinky. Because they are don't argue this logic.
VBP - Very (FemaleDog) Person. Was also the name of my first character on PWI that NOBODY knew about so when I made this character to be a secret character for a while I thought it was a perfect name.
FataaSawda - Means black girl in arabic
DatLogic- Self explanatory
Nellel - Is a self proclaimed nickname I prefer to go by
NeIIeh - Just a variation of the nickname I have, just shortened.
GalletasRawr - Galletas means cookies and they rawr? Don't argue that logic.
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Man you're the most awesome black person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like you. Plis teach me your ways. I too poor can't pay, but I promise to worship you.



from Talihina, my RT name.

which was from Talihina Sky, my favourite song.

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Simple. A sin that strikes  ;)
§in§trike 150 Demon/Sin
WolfRage 150  Demon/Barb

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IGN: Nipple
Cause nipples are perfect like me.


IGN: Nipple
Cause nipples are perfect like me.

What if one's an inverted nipple

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IGN: Delay

I got brain delay  :normal-12: :normal-27:

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Well my first name ever made was HeloKitty(sageVeno) and thats because hellokitty was gone =( and it meant to me..basically a friendly veno and i viewed sage as the good side xD

and then when i went demon veno...HellKitty sounded like a evil kitty  >:D

then i changed it to HellishKitty cuz someone took hellkitty KK?

and there u have it kk?
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Vindex - latin for hunter/protector/avenger
Felt like it suits me and my class, seeker ftw <3

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LightningI-a variation on a named I used on other games (unusable due to character limit, and no numbers)..reason: IDK. I think I forget.

pretty sure I wanted "interesting, kinda natural names" that were..idk, based on sky, at the time.

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  • Agatio was too ♥ +Cedes
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mines self explanitory.. i <3 GoT and every woman wishes they were a queen xD
I guess everyone was on my profile :$ 

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i like cheese and shadows

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i like cheese and shadows
I approve of this guy.
Now, just add bacon to the list please.

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Because I have many haha. :tiger-20:
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and cats.

Flaws - Psychic
Jingle - Blademaster
Poke - Assassin
lodine - Venomancer

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  • aim so cute in sandness aim so veri stronger man
buby is what im called irl(even my parents)
people started calling me after dat duck from harvey toons since im gigantic, immature and always making troubles :P
beauty is in the eye of beerholder

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   Salvaje means wild in spanish...
    MC means Master of Ceremonies more like a DJ in music
     So basically is like   DJ Wild ;)
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