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Goodbye economy

Offline crunchy

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At this rate,the kid who donated 3k dollars off of his grandma's credit card will mess up the economy badly.Buying cube necklaces for 10k n stuff,soon the ECs value will drop way too much.

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That's very generous of someone to donate $3000 to a private server. And so what if hes buying cube necklaces for 10k. The economy wont crash and everything wont just lose value. Takes more than just 1 person to destroy a game economic system, and this is nothing like official PW.
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He's only buying 40 cube necks for people that need in outcast. Go farm some cubenecks and make bank


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good, cube neck price needs to go up lol.. u lot having shit more easier now than us old players did... ijs..

economy is ruined compared to before... hopefully this helps it go back up o.o.
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