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Help with Fashion Item

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hmm, i am new to this server (and new to PW too)
and i would like to know
where do i get Fashion Item in this server?

Thanks a million! ;D

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In the fashion npcs.

In here fashion is just bought in exchange for coin.

Welcome to epic, and hope u enjoy it here.
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There are three well known places to get fashion,
you will see Male and Female Fashion NPC's.

City of Thousand Streams (1k city).
West Archosaur, around banker.
Southwest Archosaur, near Arena Manager.

At West Arch Seamstress is behind wall in Tailor's yard.
More accesible Seamstress (to buy dyes and dye clothes)
is in Southwest Arch and in 1k.
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Thank you guys very much!
Really helpful and friendly  ;D ;D :)) :))

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Welcome to EPW. and GMs host fashion events so its more fun.
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