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I am able to login and go to character selection menu. When i click on 'Start' am stuck at 'Entering Perfect World' screen. If i have problem in my computer then my real PWI and another private server will not work. But they are working good and am able to play those games. Only Epic has this problem. So clearly my computer is fine. I reinstalled the client but still i get stuck at 'Entering Perfect World' screen. I guess there must be some problem with my game account. Can someone tell me what to do? :sad:

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try having a GM move you from where ever you logged out at. i had an issue like that on official where my client crashed upon that screen if i logged out in fc big room. had to wait for the instance to reset there. gl :3


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try to ruun it through the patcher, 

change graphics settings to,  800x600 & windowed mode, might help.
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dude..... try kicking it.... violence is always the answer :>