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Worms Vs NoHomo 10v10


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Here's the 10v10 video from yesterday (5/1/2013).

the editing isn't as good as my previous work, i didn't even spend half as much time on this as i should have, but, some people were getting a bit impatient, hence i kinda rushed it D: ..

anyways.. no flaming please,.. was a fun fight. :) equal numbers and all.


no flying, no res. squad buff only.   

(although venom (NH sin) did come back in the first round after death, but that may have been a misunderstanding on his part, so its ok)

This 10v10 was organised 30 minutes or so after, a mass pk at west, .. where NH did hold the ground, since they had 40+(+ArchEnemy) right after TW.   ... and we had less than 20.  ... soo we organised this friendly 10v10.

and here's the video :)

No flaming please, say something nice, or gtfo :)  anyways.. GF NH, and everyone for participating, hopefully we can do more fair & organised PvP like this.

P.S .. before people start asking about, why Camron's in squad..

He has his EA in Worms, hence he was allowed to take part in this 10v10, even on an alt which isn't in worms, NH had done the same in round 2 and 3 with an EP which was on a diff. faction. but the main was in NH i believe.

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nohomo got some cute players gg worms

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The video is better than watching it happen, next time i will just wait for the feature film. 8) GJ WARMS
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a very good video, gj

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gg, well made video  ;)

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Fair  10v10 video ;) , i hope on more fun like this   ;)

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Good job on this vid labs :3 ....GF NH <3
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Men why i wasn't there.. Stupid League of Legends..

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Lol those guys suck at focusing...They were like, every man for himself pretty much

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*** this, i wasnt on it so is not pro at all ok?
keep up the good work wormies <3

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nice vid yo '-'
shini you have nice editing skills meng '-'

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Pro video!! :D The video is better than what I saw during the 10vs10 lmao.
Labs pro editing skills!

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Great Vid Hun! why am i not in this? QQ

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Music which is not blocked by GEMA in germany ...
1080p quality ...


And the fight is awesome as well!

Great video! Great fight! Keep up this work and commitment

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Nice video, almost felt like redownloading lol.

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