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PSY and Wizz, characters that should be considered to make changes

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Ty aga..... And wth a HA cleric ?

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The only possible change I am thinking of is limiting Psychic's Soul of Silence to be self-buff only. Keeping few Psy alts just to buff own team for PK / TW with these OP buffs that cannot be purged is kinda ridiculous.  And killing tank Barb in tiger form or heavy Cleric is really a pain =/

woot! cheers aga!

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I'm a psy and I agree to all this.Our buffs should be class limited or only limited to us.I mostly fight in 1v1s and I get barbs with psy buffs.Then I call the whole thing off because of it.Limit it to few or no classes(only psys)then everyone will stop qqing and actually have fun :).(Not QQing btw :P )

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I agree psy buff should only be for psy QQ

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Its great how Agatio actually understands how things are and realizes what should and can be done.