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Before and After. Goodbye Epic Perfect World!  :normal-1: just waiting for Agatio's Reply.

By The Way. sorry for those who i trashtalked.. we can't erase it. trashtalk makes more fun the PK. its ugly killing each other very quiet  :normal-40: But i'm glad i stayed in 1 very big server for 9-10 months. its a goal for me  :normal-8: coz i really cant play normally for that long. Thank you for all the things you gave me.. that's all :)

i will quit soon just waiting for agatio's reply and somethings.. like in a month ill quit :) Thank you!  :normal-36:


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a month too early to post this >.>

got me excited for a sec there... QQ, only to be disappointed when i read the "1 month" bit.. D:
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Fuu. Hahaha.  :tiger-2:

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Oh Come On!!! I got all excited.

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O.o wd u look like a boy dressed in girl clothes...did ure sister made fun of u? o.o

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I don't know you, but you should stay. ;-;  :tiger-13:

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