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How about a new normal/low rates for some player that like to farm items and lvl ??i mean like 5x or sth like that.also for quests too??

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There are other servers for that sort of thing. This is a high rate server for a reason. So we can get endgame and kill everyone who thinks theyre something special because they like pvp.

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This type of thing was suggested before and its not possible to my knowledge to have reduced rates for people who want them low unless there's a new server made just for that which more than likely wont happen.

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It'd be better and more productive to open a 1.3.6 server than a 1.4 low rate server.
I miss 1.3.6  :normal-13: :normal-13: :normal-13:

Man, I'd like if Aga would put an option for either 1.3 or 1.4 to play 
Dun think it'll happen though. :normal-12:
Totally on topic.

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