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so i wanna try epic, but what i wanna know is how long it will take me to farm end game gear and be pk ready?


it all depends on how much you play and on your laziness, etc...

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If you play more than 3 hours a day and aren't mucking around that much, you could easily get endgame gear within a month or 2; even less if you are farming non-stop and can find squads easy. It's no that hard. You just need patience.
Good luck!

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I got endgame armors (orns take a bit more time) within 2 weeks of playing on here. You just have to put some effort and learn the various ways of gaining Epic Coin in order to get your endgame. The biggest struggle for me was leveling; gaining EC in-game is pretty simple.

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With regular play time do all methods to make EC's (search guides) and make farming alts (150's) it should take a month or so with dedication.