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Fake Bidding

Offline EvilSlater

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 Since i cannot get ahold of a GM in Game there were 2 fake bids this week.

1st is NERDS vs Hangover 8/31 NERDS for fragrant hills NERDS is an alt guild

2nd is Aplocolips VS ThaClicK 9/2 Apocolips for walled hold. Apocalips had 12 people in this war and I am assuming is obviously an alt guild.

Offline Ivan

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First one is most likely a fake bid, but the 2nd one is a real french players guild  :-X They've been twing  for a while, they just happen to have a low amount of players for it

Offline Craggan

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It happened to us in Overseers this weekend also.. Vravrona was the attacker and we had 0 of them show to take us on. I'm not sure if these are alt factions or what but I'm wondering if it's sometimes the bigger factions trying to keep us from attacking them or forcing us to make a choice if we decide to attack of taking the defense against an unknown or battling it out with the bigger faction and taking a chance on being taken off the map.

Offline Agatio

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Leader of NERDS has been already punished accordingly to the rules. Regarding Vravrona it used to be real faction and there was no proof that it was fake bid until the war when nobody showed up from their side. But currently there's no rule for it.

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Offline EvilSlater

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Thank you for such a quick reply i just wanted to throw that out there.

Offline Rinadiel

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hi Aga whebn pατch coming;cant wAitttt
Patch comes out when they come out :p just be patient  ;)

And ya Apocalipsis a French faction, If I recall their numbers are still pretty small They probably bidded for a practice tw.

Offline Foxglove

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NERDS and Fbi against HO were fake bids, I believe. Apoc is real. You'll see them mostly in NS.

Offline Darunia ஜ

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NERDS and Fbi against HO were fake bids, I believe. Apoc is real. You'll see them mostly in NS.

Coulda sworn FBI was a real faction--I saw a couple of em running around shortly after their tw.  Think it died pretty damn fast though.

Apocolyps is real and has been around for months.  Just pretty small if I remember correctly.

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Offline ShuiYu

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apocs is definitely real guild, i see them recruiting all the time, and i had a friend in there for quite some time.
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Offline Harry

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GoodGame never attended the NH TW weekend before before last weekend... So they fake bidded there.

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Read this and grow up
 Don't play anymore. Won't play anymore. Bye.

Offline dove

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GoodGame never attended the NH TW weekend before before last weekend... So they fake bidded there.

Actually we did attend, with less than a squad for fun.

Offline Harry

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You had 4, and you entered when crystal was about to die. I would call that fake bidding.

Offline Feone

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Fake bidding:

Bidding on a land without the intention of trying your best to win the war and/or bidding with a faction consisting of (mostly) alts?

If that's the definition then showing up late with almost nobody is fake yes.