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G18 145 Weapons

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I appreciate the idea of diversity as it makes the game more exciting than usual, however; conversely I don't like the idea of 4 -.1 APS bows or any other weapon such as that.

Therefor I suggest the removal of extra -.1's.  1 is indeed plenty as long as you know how to play your class.

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It would take an insane amount of luck and recrafting to even get those adds. I've only seen a couple of bows with interval. Now if the dragon bows can get several interval adds, then I'd be kind of worried lol. But the 140/145 bows don't deal enough damage endgame so it isn't a huge concern.
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I A bow with 4 -1 aps on it in 10 recrafts it's not that hard lol but I agree with zai the dmg they do is useless.
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