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  • First Team to kill the opponent's Titan.
  • Who is the Titan? the GM in your squad!

Squad Formation:

  • Limit: x1 cleric, mystic, veno, sin, DB, seeker / Other classes x2.  

  • There are no buffs/pots Rules ! Anything and Everything is allowed, except hacks obviously  :-\
  • You can always revive and go back to fighting
  • Only Clerics and Mystics CAN heal their titan
  • EP ULTI on titan allowed x1  

What to do

  • When the event is announced, PM the online GM to be ported
  • Form your squad and invite your titan (ep GM)
  • At the "GO", defend your titan and kill the opponent's titan


Winning Team:
120 Supply Tokens + 2 Event Tokens + 120 Epic Coins + 4 Perfect Elements + 15 random fragments for each member of the Team

- Second Team:
60 Supply Tokens + 1 Event Token + 120 Epic Coins + 2 Perfect Elements for each member of the Team

There will be 2 versions of this event, 
to try please as many players as possible

version 1:  random squads

version 2:  registered squads
                  in order to activate the version 2, I will need to have 2 squads registered here.
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