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Assassin endgame gear

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What should be an assassin's endgame gear?
lvl 143-demon assassin

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R8....like every other class...

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R8....like every other class...

Sage R8 Seeker - 150
Demon R8 Assassin - 150
Sage R8 Archer - 150
Demon Wizard - 150
Sage Cleric - 150
Demon Barbarian - 150

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Dragon gear or R8

Not just R8.

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Since you didnt get any decent answer.
Depends are you demon or sage. But even more do you want dph or aps.
If you want dph,you should go full r8,with so so def stats on armour.
But if you want aps,you can stay dragon,you will have aps,but thats very squishy. I would recomend 3 parts r8 (wrist,leggs,boots),get aps on wrists and you will be fine.
Another way of aps is full r8 and tons of luck and EC,to get int stats.

See what suits you best.

EDIT: idk do you want the full info,so eh. For cape,supreme: dominance..neck DC,belt warsong,best would be to have both,mag and phy. 2 might +2 atk lvl..aaand thats that pretty much.
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