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Uncharted Paradise

Rewards (daily):
Perfect Elements
Ginseng Fruit Seed
Minor Homestead Supply Bag
Elysian Treasure Pack
Dull Ether Jade

Squad Build:
Make sure your squad has at least 1 cleric, 1 barbarian and 1 class that can deal any of these damages: metal, earth, fire, water, wood and physical damage

Pick up the Silent Sea quest along with every other quest present at the npc and Enter the dungeon with a squad of 10 players
Silent Sea Sandgrain-1
Wonderful Travel-10
The Uncharted Paradise-3 (One time quest)

The trials

1. Bridge of Unity
Pick up the quest from the Reclusive Elder
and proceed with your squad to the chess board infront of you
5 players will have to step on the first 5 tiles and not move until the rest 5 players secure the following row
IF a row is not cleared, the red flame will instantly 1shot

Pathkeeper Bajan

This boss will spawn 5 avatars, each having a certain buff. The avatars will move towards the boss in order to boost his next attack
If he gets empowered by even 1 of these monsters, he will be able to wipe out the entire squad.
The buff of the avatars will grant each specific monster Damage immunity except for 2 specific elements:
  • Metal/Earth Weakness
  • Fire/Water Weakness
  • Water/Wood Weakness
  • Wood/Fire Weakness
  • Earth/Physical weakness

During the fight, the boss will spawn red circles on the floor, a small and a bigger one
The circle will charge itself over a short period of time. Once the charge is over, the area will receive damage. Make sure to not stand within the area when it's charged since the damage might be able to 1shot squishies

Moving on...
After finishing the boss and looting up, proceed to the next area by speaking with the Agent of Unity located at the top of the hill behind the boss.

A cutscene will appear and you will arrive at the next randomly generated trials (there are 3 possible trials here)
Make sure to kill the Ocean Pillars before moving on to the next trial for the daily quest.

Trial of Caligraphy: Wordless Scholar

The task is to accurately write the signs in the perfect order. You have to finish all at the same time so I suggest doing them in order and leave the last mark unchecked
You light the blue flame into a red flame by walking ontop of it and waiting 0.5 seconds. It will turn red. Light up all but the last one of each sign and wait for everyone to get ready

When the command is given, all players will light up the last flame and complete the trial.
This will summon the boss which will allow you to kill her
Mid-fight, she will spawn at random some of these sign patterns and you will have to complete the sign correctly in order to be able to damage her
The boss will also spawn Brooms and Symbols around her which should be killed since they slow you down to 1m/s or reel you in and this might mess up the symbol writing. Mid fight stage you do not have to finish all seals at once, finish them right away without waiting for others
If a symbol is failed while drawing it, all runes reset and you'll have to do it again. Failing 3 times resets the boss and the trial itself.

Upon killing the boss you'll be able to move to the next area

Trial of Painting: Seclusive Painter Yolan

Quoted from PWI Wiki:
You'll have 10 players in the squad. Every member takes a number, from 1 to 10. 9 and 10 need to be AOE damage dealers, and will be killing the mobs on the small fountain-like construction at the side to gather ink. The trial will call for a certain number of people, and a square on the painting will have a pillar of light. If it says "8 inks!" then players 1 through 8 need to rush there to paint it.

How to get to the platform:

Do not move until it says "Success!" in green.

Repeat this process until the entire painting is complete
Try not to fail more than three times, or else the whole trial will reset.

The boss will spawn as soon as you complete the painting.

She will spawn some lotus flowers along the edges and you need to get inside them to gain immunity otherwise you will be 1shot. Dying will lead to the boss healing herself and spawning the following:
  • Plants that cast Occult Ice
  • Lotus Spirits (trees) that need to be led to a green circle to the left side of the painting.
  • Swords that will deal massive amount of damage/1shot
  • Monsters that can reel you in
  • Where the lotus flowers spawned, blue flowery circles that freeze and seal you, all while damaging you.

Trial of Music: Unfettered Lady

This boss is one of the easiest. Simply avoid the red circles that spawn on ground
Kill the small monsters that get spawned along the way and just keep killing the boss
If you have enough damage, she won't reach 2nd stage.
In the case she reaches 2nd stage, simply follow the white line on the floor to the adequate Instrument she'll ask for

Trial of Wine: Lame Drinker Weist

This boss can be burst down fairly easy. In order to spawn him, kill all the monsters on sight.
Once the boss spawns, start damaging him and make sure he does not reach the waterfall since he will reset health back to full
He will apply the following debuff, stackable up to 10 times

Once it reaches 10 stacks, it will deal around 300 000 damage, basically one shotting you
In order to purify this debuff, you have to hit the following monster, Essence of Sobriety, that will spawn in the air, and kill it. Go inside the blue portal afterwards to get rid of the debuff stacks

Several Drunkards will spawn around the boss aswell, they have the ability to kill you fairly easy. Lure them towards the cups matching their attire's colour in order to get rid of them

Trial of Strategy: Dark Commander

This boss is fairly simple. You have to send your melees to deal damage in the boss while your AOE arcanes sit back and kill the structures that the boss will spawn. The structures will rally towards the other side of the board.
If they reach the other end, boss enrages and can kill everyone
He is the easiest boss of them all and even though he spawns several structures, only thing you need to do is dodge the red circles on floor that signify the catapults throwing rocks etc at you that can potentially kill you. Just dodge everything and burst him down

Trial of Reflection

This must be the easiest trial but at the same time can be hardest if not done fast enough
This trial consists of you fighting against yourself. The dungeon will force you to fight NPCs of same classes as your squad. They can deal alot of damage and tank quite alot so get ready to AOE burst them down as soon as they spawn next to the NPC
Nothing else related to this trial other than after killing these reflections you will be able to go to the final boss.

and...here it comes

Lord of Paradise

This is the hardest boss in the dungeon
In order to defeat this boss, you MUST have a barbarian to tank the Cone attack or a very good assassin with insane chi management and good 3spark timing to avoid the 1shot
The boss will cast a special cone shaped attack that will deal 300 000 damage to normal classes apart from Barbarian (in which he deals 50 000 only)
The aggroer will have to stay on 1 side of the battle area and keep the boss attacking him. This allows the rest of the party to not get 1shot and keep damaging the boss

Once the boss reaches 75% hp, he will become invulnerable and circles will spawn infront of each statue. Move to your class' statue circle in order to receive immunity buff to survive his next attack.
Now, the boss will spawn a multitude of fire orbs that move around the area. Avoid getting hit by them for the next 90 seconds.
I suggest NOT hitting the boss at all during this stage and lettin the barb take aggro of the boss. Beware that the barbarian has to avoid the circles aswell.
A good method of avoiding the circles is to follow 1 of the circles around the area since the circles do not go 1 over the other. This ensures easy survival on this stage if the barbarian takes aggro accordingly.
He will repeat the same mechanic at 50%
At 25% hp, he will no longer spawn circles, but Seclusive Painter Yolan and Dark Commander spawn as adds. Kill them on sight because there attacks are troublesome. Ontop of all of this, meteors will start falling and 1shotting. Make sure to not stand within the ''landing'' circle area or you will die

Credits to Trace, Mana and Ranny for help with some mechanics and thread aesthetics...
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