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What is nice for Pk .

17 (40.5%)
12 (28.6%)
13 (31%)

Total Members Voted: 37


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I hope you're not suggesting that only Archers, Wizards, and Mystics are viable; when considering PK....
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Barb and veno period .

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i hate this .... all classes/races are good and bad for pk take psy for example hit like a nuke but if using attack buff weak as shit and visa versa when using def buff .... even clerics can be awsome in pk if used properly (not just as healers but can do some gd DD)

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Your name tells a lot about you and your poll...

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I voted mystic, a purely biased opinion based on the fact that Eralis (the Oblivion director) knows her shit up and down and kills everything. :c

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I hope this is only to help you decide what PvP class to play. Even if that is the case, every class can PK if you know how to use them properly.

Inb4 lock.
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Obviously Owl.

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If you want an easy pk class, just pick assassin or psychic. Between the two, its all comes down to you. I dominate as a psy, but I can't use assassin to save my life. Other than that, every class is the same. It all comes down to the player. A lvl 130 cleric with chrono gear can take down a full r8 psy...it's the player not the game.

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Your name tells a lot about you and your poll...

rofl  ;D ;D

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:rolleyes: I started as a cleric and she did just fine.But the I moved to psy and dominated xD Anywho,depends on your likes and dislikes and your playstyle. ^^

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I think it's more their preferences.  Sure they could pick psychic, which is mindless to play, or sin which is just as mindless (if not more--no offense to the fishies, I have a sin and psy).  But they wanna try something different (ish). 

I'm biased towards wiz and archer as I've pvp'd on both and enjoy it very much.

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I think Pk is more about the Player than the class you play. i am good or bad in PK depending on the situation and what the other player is doing. Also, some players are really good with their class/pk and are just too OP for me  :normal-12:.

 Some classes will have advantages over others, and i guess best would be to choose the class that gives you what you want in a char. 
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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Man you're the most awesome black person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like you. Plis teach me your ways. I too poor can't pay, but I promise to worship you.