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Seeker or Barb .-.

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I've come to the conclusion that i want to spend my EC on endgame gearing one of these 2 toons, i've always been a good seeker and a decent barb but i haven't played this server long enough to know which of the two are "better" on this server.
And before you start saying "depends on the player" , don't. atleast give me the Pro's and cons of each, like which would do better here in mass pk, etc.


;) Both are good,but it depends if you want to be a tank or a support/damage dealing/AoE/secondary tank(Seeker) or a tiger with crazy hp and tanks.Either/or,they will both die at one point xD
Heres some more stuff I found at pwi-wiki(I know useless but I try)


High Physical Defense and HP
Powerful ranged attacks
Strong PvE debuffs
Manipulates Attack and Defense levels of foes and allies
Many AoEs including a sustained AoE and one that does not require a target
Able to Tank at higher levels
Has a skill that transfers debuffs on a target
Can deal physical and magical damage

Low magical defense
No reliable disables
No anti-disable skills
Tend to steal aggro if not careful
Low HP and Physical defense at low levels


Higher damage with your skills.
You miss a lot less (if 80 Dexterity; recommended).
You kill quicker than Vitality built barbarian.

You have gimped the main thing you have going for you as a barbarian, your Hit Points.
You have gimped your most powerful skill Armageddon which is possibly the highest hitting skill in Perfect World.
You have extremely low survivability.
You will not be on the top of the list for Twilight Temple or Rebirth runs, nor will you be asked to help tank World Bosses.

Anyway,Hopes that help.Goodnight!
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Bow Down Bishs.

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Thanks for the info :3 more opinions?

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You should be a Seeker since you said you're good with it and only decent with Barbarian. I know you said not to say it, but you should play whichever you enjoy more. Because if you aren't having fun, then there is no point to playing really.

Or flip a coin, and if you don't like what the coin picks than you knew what you wanted, then just do the opposite of what the coin told you to do!

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Frenzy + QPQ o-o?