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A long way back.

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his beginner guide was really helpful to me when i first started. I never played Pw before EPW so the guide helped me get started, so thanks to OP.
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x


Uh...Woo for a guide? Lol good for you. o.O

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Welcome back Slash~

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Uh...Woo for a guide? Lol good for you. o.O
Are you crabby, on your period or out to troll? '-' I mean yeah the poll of the other guy was pointless but this is fine, honestly?

And to Slash.. welcome back.

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Uh...Woo for a guide? Lol good for you. o.O

Why don't you just shut the f**k up and let people welcome him back, atleast he's been a good part of the community and deserves it, unlike you.

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Why so much hate on this thread?  :-\

Anyways, welcome back Slash.  :shocked:
- meow !

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Welcome Back Slash :)

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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omae wa mou shindeiru

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Welcome back  :smiley:
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Welcome back Slaaaaaashnub. <3

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Im sure it was pointless making a "Me come back" Thread. Just sthu and download the game :l

Its because of posts like this that you been already warned once. There is a old saying, that says something like "if you dont have anything good to say, then dont say anything at all", you should use it more often :)

On the topic WB Slash its good to see you back, hope you enjoy your game again.
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
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Welcome back,
Can't wait for faster forum moderation!  :normal-40: :normal-40: :normal-40: you were very missed and i hope you stay with us a very long time!
Quote from: Agatio on 8/21/2013 at 03:59:55 pm
I spam dartle on demon spark, bitch please

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I will just welcome him back and say one thing. Next time Slash when you say "I don't need any shyt blahh blah I've changed" be sure not to trash me behind my back, cause I find out everything dear :3 oh the irony.  (>^.^)^.^<)
KingCobra guides to dph and aps assasin. pay attention to the veri simple steps.
Aps assasin
1-donate ur house and live in a box to get 0.15 wrist on rank 8
2-get a genie with absolute domain,holy path,and 1 lv wind shield for 5 aps.
3-get shitload of wood pills and go ***ing pk

Dph assasin

1-Buy Rank 8 and pray allah for gof daggers and crit/dex on gear
2-Pray Allah for zerk+ crits and use earth rift like retarded  (Pray require minium of 6 hours a day for max gof proc)
...IF none of that work delete epic>go play Hello Kitty :normal-1:

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Uh oh. E-drama.