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We would like to gladly announce that there will be a main Guild PvP Tournament.
It will be hosted in March with great rewards and a chance to prove to everyone who's the best!
All the matches will be scheduled at certain times (3-4 per day, 15:0-19:00)
Please read this topic carefully as it will describe all the information needed regarding the Tournament.
You can register your team on March 14 or ask any question regarding the event here in this thread until then!

Matches schedule
There will be 5 Teams this year!

March 18
Alamat vs Vehement★ - done
Vehement★ vs Artifex - done
Xpendable vs 0FkGiven - done

March 19
Xpendable vs Alamat - done
Alamat vs Artifex - done
Artifex vs 0FkGiven - done

March 25
Xpendable vs Vehement★ - done
Alamat vs 0FkGiven - done
Vehement★ vs 0FkGiven - done
Xpendable vs Artifex

March 26
Finals (bo5)
Team with highest score vs Team with 2nd highest score
3rd Team score based vs 4th Team score based
Lowest points team will get participation

Registering a team

This Tournament will be of 10 vs 10 although each team will be able to register 15 players.
There is a rule to follow about registering your Team, you will be able to only register maximum 2 of each class.

Picking the 10 players for the fight:
The Team will need to PM the online GM with the 10 players that will fight before each match.

To register your Team you will need to follow this simple form below:
  • Guild Name
  • Names of the 15 players (10 players+ 5 replacements)
  • The Class of each of the registered players
  • Colour of the rewarded event title

(Reply to this Topic to register your Team)

Tournament rewards

The team that wins the tournament will get the following:
  • Epic Coin x5000
  • Supply Tokens x2000
  • Event Token x100
  • Donation Points x100
  • Title - "Epic Tournament 2017 Winner" (The title colour will be selected by the Team when registering)
  • Title - The Champions - Guild name
  • Rank 8 Ring reskin to ''Champion's Ring''
  • 20475 Faction Contribution and merit.

The team that finishes the tournament in 2nd Place will get the following:
  • Epic Coin x2500
  • Supply Tokens x1200
  • Event Token x50
  • Donation Points x50
  • Title- "Epic Tournament 2017 2nd Place" (The title colour will selected by the Team when registering)
  • Title - One of the best - Guild name that registered
  • 12285 Faction contribution and merit

The team that finishes the tournament in 3rd Place will get the following:
  • Epic Coin x1500
  • Supply Tokens x800
  • Event Token x20
  • Donation Points x30
  • Title - "Epic Tournament 2017 3rd Place" (The title colour will selected by the Team when registering)
  • Title - Proud attempt - Guild name
  • 8190 Faction Contribution and merit

4th  Place will get the following:
  • Epic Coin x1000
  • Supply Tokens x500
  • Event Token x10
  • Donation Points x10
  • Title - "Epic Tournament Participant 2017" (The title colour will selected by the Team when registering)
  • Title - Hope dies last - Guild name
  • 4095 Faction Contribution and merit

The rewards displayed above are to be delivered to each player of the Team on the character they want it on.

Tournament area:
Matches will take place in the new area that Burdette has created.

Rules of the tournament

Registering a Team:
  • Can not have 3x same class
  • Can not post ''reserved'' in order to save the spot. First 4 teams to register fully will be in.
  • Guild that registers has to have atleast 150 Level 150 characters.
  • The team must not have players with characters in 2 different teams that participate.
  • The guild base of the Faction registering has to be atleast level 15.

Registration Form

Potions that can NOT be used:

Few skills will have restrictions / time of usage:
  • Assassins and Archers will be only allowed to Stealth for 8 seconds.
  • Lover's Connection can not be used.

Few features that are not allowed:
  • Faction base Buffs are not allowed
  • Teleporting on surroundings (wood dummies/structures/npcs - if any)

Consequences due to violating certain Rules:
  • Using a potion thats banned from the Tournament will result in: DQ of the player in question for the rest of the match.
  • If player is caught past the limit time of the Stealth will result in: Instant kill of the said player and DQed for the rest of the match.

Team and fight management:
  • The exact time of day of each fight is set.
  • Each Team will have a maximum time of 30 minutes to gather the 10 players for the time of the fight.
  • If your Team does not have 10 players to fight at the set time, your Team will be disqualified and lose the match.
  • Wizard's Mortal and Tactical Reversion will work.

Matches time limit:
  • Each match will have a maximum time limit of: 15 minutes.

Matches system:
  • Every match-up will be Best of 3.
  • There will be 6 fights (Every team will get to fight with the other 3 teams) called Proving grounds.
  • The 2 teams with highest scores will fight eachother for 1st place and 2nd place
  • The teams with lowest scores will fight eachother for 3rd and 4th place

Points system in the group stage:
  • Each Win will award the Team 3 Points
  • Each Loss will award 0 Points
  • Each Draw will award 1 Point

Draw and Points system deep information:
  • The draw will only occur when in Proving Stage when both Teams have 1-1 out of the 2 matches.
  • If the Team end up the 15 minutes of the fight with alive members, GM's will ask Teams to STOP and count the number of alive members. The Team with most alive members will be considered the victor for that fight (either in Proving Stage, 3rd place or Finals]
  • At the end of the 3 matches (in the Proving Grounds Stage) if there are Teams with the same points a system will be used to decide who is the Team that goes 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and 4th Place, this system will be based on the alive members of each Team on each previous match. Lets take an example: Team 1 (win) vs (lost) Team 2 - alive members after the match on Team 1 = 3 members | Team 3 (lost) vs (win) Team 4 - alive members on Team 4 = 1 member. This means that Team 1 will be placed higher than Team 4 because the Team had more alive members. (We hope is clear for everyone)

Kills Count:
Rounds will be recorded and kills will be noted down. The player with highest kills overall event will receive a special reward.
Reward: Custom reskin armor (4 pieces, Tops, legs, boots, wrists)

Crash Reports:
We love a fair game so we will give the opportunity to Teams to report any crash that may occur during the fights.
Crash from the Game:
To prove us you had a real crash from the Game we will need you to do the following:
  • Have a recording proving the crash
  • Have a screenshot of the client non-responding as crashes often do
You will be able to send the proof to the GM via skype. Skype: -

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  • https://imgur.com/a/vsZDCYv
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  • https://imgur.com/a/vsZDCYv

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  • https://imgur.com/a/vsZDCYv
Thread is open
also reason for me to postfarm!
I'll add a poll like last year with people voting for which team they think it will win!
Registration=open on March 14 at 5pm Server time.
Poll on 16 after all teams have signed up!
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one of the best events to happen in 2015, can't wait to see how this years tourna will go  :normal-25:
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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You can send rewards to siege already 
good patch HEHEHEHHEH


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You can send rewards to siege already
u sure

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keep the hopes up cause i like to crush hopes

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Xpendable winner ; )

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keep the hopes up cause i like to crush hopes
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prepare guys i thinking pavle might solo this 

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I remember you said that when you had apollumi