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Hello everybody!

I'm trying to run EpicPW on Linux but I can't make it work.
With version 52 everything was working fine but after the 54 update the "patcher.exe" encounters a problem and need to close.
I'm running it under Wine and I have the same problem with PlayOnLinux.

I'm using Archlinux x64, kernel 3.7.5 and XFCE DE.

Thanks in advance!

LE: what version of directx is most suitable to run this game?

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Well, the server is down, so that may have been part of the problem. As far as I know, you CAN run epw on linux.
Edit: Just saw your question, lol, direct 9.
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LE: what version of directx is most suitable to run this game?
directx 9
maybe try other version of linux that is close to windows programs like ubuntu? :-\

Offline kr3ck3n

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I was asking about directx version because Wine gives you the possibility to choose between versions.
There is not such thing as a "linux distro that is closer to windows programs". Linux is Linux.
Though, I'll give it a try with Ubuntu. I'll be back with news after testing :)

LE: I had some issues installing Ubuntu on my other pc. but I solved the problem within Archlinux.
From winetricks I installed the "directx9 (MS DirectX 9 - Usually overkill. Try d3dx9_36 instead)" and now when I start the game I get the following message:
Code: [Select]
The game requires:
DirectX 9.0c
Update now?
...I select "No" for that update and now I can play the game on my machine!

PS: usually I was using d3dx9_36.dll but seems that that was the problem...
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