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Tournament: Clash of Classes

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For the first time ever, we are going to crown the best of the best on each class !

You think you are up for the challenge ?

This time there will be no excuses !

You will be fighting against your own class !

Before registering, make sure you read and understand all the rules and regulations. So you dont get any excuse to complain when you lose.

Each class will have its own set of Rules and Restrictions. Open the spoiler that contains your class.

Below we will describe how to register, please make sure to read this carefully.


To register you will need to reply to this topic with the following:
  • Character Name
  • Character Class

We will accept 32 registrations for each class. But we will keep more names in the list, even if registered after the 32 first ones. We will check all the names and accounts, so if you, for example, registered in 33rd but after we check someone wasnt eligible we will grab you and remove that other person. I hope this is clear for everyone.
A track counter will be displayed "here" so you can check how many registrations we have on each class.

Players can only register one character per account. If you register several characters form the same account, we wont accept any of the names and wont register any character, so read this before you complain later.

Character must be Level 150.
  • After checking the character, if the level doesnt meet the requirements, the said character will be removed from the registrations list.

Next thing you guys need to know are the overall Rules and Regulations which apply to every match with any class. Make sure to read them well so u understand what is allowed and what is not.

First thing to know about the rules is the potion that can and cannot be used, so here is the list:

Regulations will basically describe how the fights will be, the time and dates they will take place, environment rules, among others, so read well this next part.

The fights will have a fixed time, this means that we will set a time for your fight and you will need to be present at that time.
We will NOT wait for players after their fight time.
  • In this situation, its asked the players to be online earlier than their fight time, so they dont get disqualified.

You will be able to follow the brackets and all the results in the following link:
  • Brackets
    • (Browse through the sheets of the Excel document to check all the information)

Fights will begin on November 19th, Saturday at 14:00 (2 PM) and will drag onward till 19:40 (6 PM).
  • We will make 2 classes per day, so its 1 Race per day.
Round of 16 will begin on December 1st, Thursday at 14:00 (2 PM).
  • We will keep the 2 classes per day, so its 1 Race per day.
Quarter-Finals will begin on December  7th, Wednesday at 14:00 (2 PM).
  • We will keep the 2 classes per day, so its 1 Race per day.
Semi-Finals will begin on December 13th, Tuesday at 14:00 (2 PM)
  • We will have 3 classes per day during this stage.
The 3rd and 4th Places matches as well as the Finals will begin on December 17th, Monday at 14:00 (2 PM)
  • We will have 3 classes per day during this stage.

Full schedule can be found here:
  • Schedule
    • (Browse through the sheets of the Excel document to check all the information)

We will have one fight each 8 minutes. Doesnt matter if you win in 1 minute of in 7 minutes, we will always wait for the timer on the clock.
Take note as said above, if you are not here in time you will be disqualified.

Fights will have a maximum time of 10 minutes.
After the 10 minutes time, if there isnt a winner, a duel will take place. Duels will have extra rules, following the same below.
  • The "Calmness Dew" potion and the "Tree of Protection" genie skill will not be allowed
  • Heals will have a count, which cant be more than 6 of any skill. Check the classes below
    • Wizard
      • Morning Dew
    • Cleric
      • Since Cleric will be forced to fight in Ultra Violent Dance, there is no heal count required.
    • Mystic
      • Break in the Clouds
      • Falling Petals
      • Comforting Mist

Players will be forced to start the fight with their own buffs / skills.
This means the players are no longer able / authorized to start the fight with extra or outside buffs that do not belong to their class. For example the usage of:

Some classes can take advantage of certain surroundings, such as, chi dummy, flag, npc or even a GM. So to prevent this, we will not allow players to abuse this. This is mainly for the Assassin and Seeker.
  • Seekers "Blood Thirsty Blitz" and "Last Stand", this skills can only be used against the direct opponent, if the "Seeker" during the fight goes near the other players who are not participating on the match and uses the said skills to recover great amounts of HP in order to not die, then the "Seeker" in question will be disqualified.
  • Assassins "Shadow Jump" and "Shadow Teleport" are not allowed anymore if used on other players aside from the direct opponent. This is to prevent Assassins to jump outside of the opponent range to stay alive. Assassins are forbidden to use this technics also on the "Dummy" inside the room. If Assassins are caught breaking this rule they will be disqualified.

Re match:
A re-match is to happen if any of the following cases are detected (when a GM decides):
  • In case of a crash of the player. Note that its mentioned crash and not disconnect.
    • We have a way to check this crash and so i will explain it below, make sure to read this before you participate so you know, because there is a catch to this to be proven.
      • Crash from the Game:
      • Wait for the game to completely crash and shut down;
      • Go to your EpicPW game folder;
      • go to the EPW/element/ folder and search for the folder named: logs
      • Add this folder to archive (make a zip file)
    • You will be able to send the .zip file to the online GM at the time, you can add us on Skype, our names can be found in our Forum profiles. This will be the only way to prove a disconnect, other than this we will not accept any excuses.

A re-match is to happen if any of the following cases are detected (when one OR both players agree):
  • Genie wasnt ready.
    • If the player after losing decides to claim that his/her genie wasnt ready for the fight you have to ask your opponent for the re-match, we will not accept that as an excuse since we GMs always wait for a fair fight and this includes the wait for the genie to be full.
  • One of the players disconnect during the fight.
    • If the player after losing decides to claim that he/she disconnected, it will be a decision of the opponent to accept or not to re-match. This will not be our call since we know that there is a Force Log button and players might use it if they see they will lose the match.
  • One of the players was unaware of a certain rule.
    • This will be decided by the opponent since the rules are all very well explained here there is no excuse for a GM about this to set a re-match.

Offensive Actions:
  • If a player does not attack within 10 seconds, the player will be disqualified. Using strategies to kite are allowed although not to be abused, this means you can kite a few seconds (10 seconds to refill your HP which is the time on Charm cooldown) but if the HP is back to full and the player is running, then the timer will start.
  • Another issue we would like to point out is that players are not allowed to run in the opposite way of the other player in order to disqualify him on purpose, we wanna see players fighting, using strategy is welcome but coward moves we dont really enjoy seeing such. NOTE: If the player decides to run away from the opponent in a clear maneuver to disqualify the opponent, the timer,  if there was any started, will stop and to be resumed when action also resumes.
  • In case players are found to stall the fights to go into duels we will step in and ask them to fight. If players do not fight after the warning and are still stalling the fight (10 minutes) to get to the duel, the player will be disqualified (DQed). Once again we do not want players to kite and run and leap non stop, we want players to fight, to try to win.

Not needed to say but to make it official, any Rule violated will result in a immediate disqualification of the player.
Disqualification in any stage of the Tournament, will result in the player not getting any reward.
Please make sure to understand this so you dont complain later.

Rewards System:
The rewards from this event will only be sent to the character participating in the event. This means that we will not be sending any rewards to any alts you guys choose to send.

Next section might be the most interesting one, the rewards.Everyone participating will get a reward, but make sure to understand how you can be eligible to get it.To count as a participant, you need more than just register, your character. You will need to prove you register with intent of fighting and wining. By this a gear check up will be needed. This will be checked once you register.Aside from this, another parameter will be in count. If the character doesnt show up for the fight, the character in question will not get the participation reward automatically.

Participation reward:
  • Epic Coin x200
  • Event Token x2
  • Supply Token x200
  • Perfect Element x2
  • Points x5
The 8 players that are defeated in the Round of 16:
  • Epic Coin x300
  • Event Token x3
  • Supply Token x300
  • Perfect Element x3
  • Points x10
In the Quarter -Finals, the 4 players being defeated will get:
  • Epic Coin 400
  • Event Token x4
  • Supply Token x400
  • Perfect Element x4
  • Points x15
In the Semi-Finals, the 2 players being defeated will go for the 3rd and 4th place match:
  • 4th Place:
    • Epic Coin x900
    • Event Token x6
    • Supply Token x500
    • Perfect Element x6
    • Points x20
  • 3rd Place:
    • Epic Coin x1200
    • Event Token x9
    • Supply Token x700
    • Perfect Element x9
    • Points x25
In the Final, the player being defeated will get:
  • Epic Coin x1600
  • Event Token x15
  • Supply Token x1000
  • Perfect Element x15
  • Points x35
In the Final, the winning player will get:
  • Epic Coin x2200
  • Event Token x25
  • Supply Token x1600
  • Perfect Element x25
  • Points x50

Points reward NOTE: If the characters as participants and the players losing in the Round of 16 are found to be from the same account, the points will NOT accumulate.

Aside form these rewards, each winner on its class will get a custom title to show off. Title will be permanent, untradable and will NEVER be able to send to friends or even alt accounts. So make sure to participate with the class you want.The list of titles are below:

  • Cleric
    • title: The Great Life Savior
  • Archer
    • title: Toxophilite
      • This word have a meaning that symbolizes an elite archer, a person that is adept of the archery skills.
  • Wizard
    • title: Invader of the Void
  • Blademaster
    • title: Dragons Burning Flame
  • Assassin
    • title: Faith Without Sin
  • Psychic
    • title: Servant of the Spirits
  • Venomancer
    • title: Duranta Erecta
      • This title is taken from a flower. This flower is a poisonous type of flower, in some countries its even feared. There is a Tonga meaning for this flower, which is: "Tears of Departure".
  • Barbarian
    • title: Nightmare Berserker
  • Seeker
    • title: One mans Army
  • Mystic
    • title: Custos Animae
      • This is title in Latin. English name would be "Keeper of Souls".
  • Duskblade
    • title: Harbinger of Doom
  • Stormbringer
    • title: Bringer of Chaos

Aside from all these rewards we are giving out a unique item to the winner of each class.
  • Class of Classes Tournament Winner - Casts Strength of the Titans, Spirits Gift and Beast Kings Inspiration buffs on oneself. Weapon Physical Damage: +30% Weapon Magical Damage: +70% HP Increase: +30% - for 1 hour. It has a cooldown of 30 minutes)

Since it wasn't enough we are also working on a possible extra reward.
Echo is trying to get some free time to work on a unique FASHION !
This isn'f confirm yet guys but it's something we will try.

Good Luck to everyone !
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Continuing the Rewards here since the main topic has reached the maximum length of characters.  :-X

So i decided to add another permanent title for each class (someone suggested would be a good idea), which shows more directly what they won / achieved.
So the titles will have the the tournament name + class name.
"Clash of Classes - Blademaster"
"Clash of Classes - Wizard"
"Clash of Classes - Archer"
"Clash of Classes - Cleric"
"Clash of Classes - Assassin"
"Clash of Classes - Psychic"
"Clash of Classes - Stormbringer"
"Clash of Classes - Duskblade"
"Clash of Classes - Barbarian"
"Clash of Classes - Venomancer"
"Clash of Classes - Seeker"
"Clash of Classes - Mystic"
If you guys have other titles suggestions instead of this one, please name it and i will consider it.

All the fights will be streamed. If you can't get to watch the stream, fear not...all the fights will be recorded, so you can watch them later.

You can find all the Matches information here.

List of registered players

The random selection of the matches was set and this are the videos for it.
Nothing special, just to work as evidence for those who like to accuse of favoritism  :-\

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Taking DB out (Aziaos)
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crazy how Savagery shit on you

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can't wait for cleric vs cleric and psy vs psy

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