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Sysinfo.dll missing?

Offline Mayo

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I updated the game and then it closed its self when i tried to launch game again it said sysinfo.dll is missing from your computer, please reinstall and try again.
any help?
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Offline bstom1

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Happened to me aswell. And it keeps showing up even after Reinstalling...  :sad:

Offline snowinterfrost

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I hope someone can fix this coz i dont really know whats the problem i tried forsaken world coz sysinfo need it to to work the launcher but this game doesn't  recognized it at all?i hope someone will help us to fix this

Offline Agatio

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Reinstall again and it will work.
Alternately try running fixit.bat file in EPW/launcher folder.

Offline Ionut

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With reinstall you mean download the client again right?

And if i run "fixit" i get the same error

Don't worry,be happy!

Offline snowinterfrost

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launcher click and fix it and it work but now my problem is the update i keep getting error now whats the problem i try to verify its a problem file download appear error?