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7 sins, or 9 circles?

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I had an idea for a Hell based instance that either revolves around the 7 deadly sins where you travel within yourself to cleanse yourself (if you're sage) or dominate your sins (if you're demon) which you could recieve from those demon or sage nps in Streams.
I already have all the map ideas sorted out for Greed (map called Avarice, has treasure chests lol), Sloth (Map called Indolence), Pride (map called Arrogance), gluttony (a map called Verocity filled with skulls and bones) and wrath. Wrath's map name is either outrage or atrocity, outrage fits better since outrage is a fit of anger from any source, tho it doesnt seem to fit a map name. I'm liking atrocity, as outrage pertains to what causes the wrath, while atrocity describes what wrath does in his fit of rage.
I've come up with skins for gluttony (larger version of fats lol), vanity (or lust whichever floats your boat)(vampiric sovereign from nirvana), pride (Goshiki skin, the mob version of it should be on Shattered cloud island, so there IS a mob version), and wrath (the boss in Nubium Valley, only BIGGER  >.>) As for the others i am undecided. For sloth i know i want a stationary mob, but dont know which, as for greed i was thinking either a jealous ex skin for the "cool guy" look (as his jealously makes him want the best of everything) OR a herc skin, to show his greed consumed him to the point he became gold or something i dunno lol. And as for envy im thinking a dodonix. Small, ugly, ordinary, and because of that he's jealous of everyone else. Either that or a miniature version of Snakefist (about the size of your avatar, maybe a little taller or shorter). Anyways just some skin ideas. Here's the run down....
As you progress, the sins will progressivly worsen, and as they worsen, the map becomes more hell-like. Here it is:
1. Vanity: a somewhat beautiful part of eden or abba
2. Gluttony: (Verocity) an eerie tomb-like area with skulls
3. Sloth: (Indolance) a dark part of brim
4. Greed: (Avarice) a treasure room in firecrag grotto
5: Envy: the floating platform above the magma pool of tt2-3
6. Wrath: (Atrocity) the place Drake Brute is in 59
7. Pride: (Arrogance) a room from FC (and for those of you wondering what im smoking, the answer is im not. Allegedly, the very bottom of hell is frozen over. The firey tempest ends at the 8th circle of hell. In the 9th circle, those who have commited the ultimate sins are frozen in ice for eternity. They will never see, hear, feel, smell or taste anything nor can they move at all, yet they are alive and concious throughout it making this frozen fate the ultimate hell, damned to eternal stagnation. This eternal cryogenic state is the final level of hell. Hence, why Pride is in an FC area.) Yes peeps, i do mah homework...   :monkey-24:
The bosses will also have features matching their branch of sin. For example:
1. Vanity: will attack with an elegant attack style, similar to a psychics auto attack, or the petali, where she spins and attacks with her hands, and an aoe with a flurry of colorful leaves and flowers. Will also have a stun where she says, "be stunned by my beauty". There will be a slight delay, so thats your cue to use antistuns if you have them.
2. Sloth: a stationary boss with ranged attacks and slowing debuffs (both movement, channel, and atk speed) lol. (what else would you expect from him? xD) he will have HUUUUUGE range tho. Even tho the range wont be as great as an archer's, he will be in the center of the room, so that he can hit every corner of it. (so no cheating lol)  xD
3. Gluttony: he doesnt really have combat traits to match him, but he does have a room that depicts his appitite. He'll also "drink" your MP with manaburn and perform mob spawns, but the adds are a joke threat wise (just dont let them pile up)
4. Greed: other than the treasure in his room, he'll shout funny things while you fight (greed based things), and when he dies he drops A LOT of coins (few dozen mil)
5. Envy: a purge boss with no self buffs (i.e if he cant have [buffs] then no one can). Despises what others have so he takes them away. Also when he dies, he will be scripted to say, "im not going alone" and he'll spawn a kamikaze mob on you. Unless you're high lvl bm, barb, seeker, or psy, you will likely die, so you're best bet would be to holy path off the platform b4 mob attacks. He's fairly easy to kill, its just his kamikaze that is lethal, tho there is no penalty for dying, like vana, if you die you will spawn in first room.
6. Wrath: He's gonna be fun lol. As wrath, he's gonna get pissed as you fight and he'll make sure you KNOW it (a chatty boss) He'll frequently use an atk & aps buff to hit fast and hard, and when he gets low he'll start using his buff in tandem with frenzy, and throw occasional debuffs. Also, the lower his hp, the harder he hits. Kinda like snake He's gonna suck, especially since im considering making this a solo instance. Tho i am open to nerfing him a bit if you guys thing thats a little too much  xD
7: Pride: After Wrath, pride will feel like a vacation :)). He's not HARD but he's still a nuisance to kill. He's basically an HP/def boss. He lacks real power, and instead minimizes the damage you do to him. He also uses bramble at times, thos it's fairly weak, and not much of a threat. He'll brag about his strength (especially how he's "The Greatest Warrior who ever Lived" and s*** like that [vomit]) and buff himself with phys and mag buffs. STRONG ONES. Furthermore, he'll spam debuffs to lower your phys and mag attack and pop off silences/stuns here and there, however they are random, so the buff you get may not be bad for you. You'll have to chip him down a while, but like wrath, once he's close to death he will begin to panic and start freaking out. He'll start using occult every 30-45 seconds and his damage goes up slightly. Otherthan that he doesnt change much. Beyond being a stuck up A-hole and a pain in the ass to kill, this fight will be easy. (espcicially since most classes can fight against those things. Seekers have quid, venos and archers have purge, clerics and psys have puri, sins have tidal, bms can puri with spark spams and use polearms to purge, and mystics can debuff like hell. Barbs may have it rough unless they claw barbs, however, with their hp they wont die, and with poison fang, str of titans, base str buffs, and pots, they SHOULD have it a bit easier. Besides, barbs are so hard to kill sometimes they like a challenge lol)

I was also considering at 9 circles of hell quest (tho 9 bosses may be a bit much). But i was wondering if anyone had an idea or preference between these? Like all suggestions it may not be implimented, but if it were which would you prefer? And feedback is greatly apreciated, just make sure any critism doesnt cros into flaming or trolling, ok? And remember i am open to changes and suggestions.  :)

Even if this idea never happens, it would still make for an interesting topic  :P
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You do come up with some interesting ideas.  That sounds cool!!  Nothing to add atm...i'll give it some thought.
I am.
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o.o This sounds like an awesome idea.. I think Aga should put some thought into it.

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A very good idee  :smiley: We always asking us, why it is so complicated to make a new questchain specially for players who cannot, or don't want to join any faction just for  (example) a Dragonchild Necklass. Why only factions have the chance and other ppl are stepchildrens?? Is it really not possible to make a quest as TM,  Warsong, Cubi to get this necklass ?
 Agatio and GM's are doing a great work but to make  new quests for this server  seems to be to awkward for them? Dragon palace was not possible to do, because of some factions who camped at  the boss or pk'd everyone who comes near him.
This 7 sins quest, I know from other another server very well, would be really a great improvement for Epic.
ATM me and my hubby r not much interested anymore on playing Epic (9 chars lvl150 each )

Thank you

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well seems a great Idea for me, and yah would be a good chance for the still not working( im not even know if GM´s still working on it) questline for the dragonchild. The guildevent is nice but cant be all, since its not really ur plan to make ppl guildhopping for stuff, dragonchild need to be gettable for everyone if he just got a squadif you ask me.
lets see what Aga will say to this idea  :smiley:

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I was too lazy to read everything but sounds good  :P
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Sounds interesting  :tiger-4:
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You do come up with some interesting ideas.  That sounds cool!!  Nothing to add atm...i'll give it some thought.
Thank you, i'm glad you all like it, as you can see tho, there are still more details to add, some of the maps havent been names yet lol, but i DO like to work out most dteails b4 hand. Though i kinda find it to be more of a curse. I can be very creative, but i usually lack the knowledge or resources to put those ideas into effect, so usually i have to throw my ideas out there and hope others will take them where i couldn't. And even if i did have the knowledge to make this work, and how to put it in a server of my own, it would still be a bad idea, i am to forgetful and ADD to be a good admin, or even a GM at that. Support MAYBE, but beyond that, as it stands i'm not cut out to be in a position of power. I wouldn't ABUSE it, i just woudn't do a good job running things like that. Hence, why im here preaching my ideas instead of running off and making my own server lol. I do love epic, tho sometimes i do crave new and original ideas. Now i know the GMs are doing what they can, it cant be easy running this server so im not blaming them for anything. But i am ADD after all lol. New events are nice i love them, especially sumor, base, glee, and derps because they take great places that are really underused otherwise and makes them great places to farm EC, which is one of the backbones of this server. But sometimes i do wish for some original or unique content aside from special events, like new quests (kinda like fire legion props on that), and dailies, as well some instance or map related things as well. For example revamping instances we dont use here to give them new purpose, or to throw in new world bosses. Tbh i have so many ideas about ways to change this game, if i knew how to do all them and put them all on a server, it would hardly be the same game  :monkey-2:
And no.... that's not an exageration...  :/ Its infuriating i have all these ideas and cant go anywhere with them. Some are as detailed as this idea i just mentioned, some are less refined, and others worked out to near perfection. I've even thought of new storylines, background stories, and quest chains as well. Frankly i find it kinda sad that i've thought it out so much, but i do that with pretty much everything.
And again, this really isnt my MAJOR project, it's still a secret for now and it will be a while b4 its completed. It is very, VERY detailed and long, and some of the features i thought i'd throw in may require weeks to months of work alone, so i doubt it will ever be implimented. Its more of a past time thing for me, something to do during downtime. But it will be crazy, maybe even mindblowing to certain people (if the project itself isnt mindblowing, then at least the fact i put so much time, work, and detail into it will be lol) This was my SIDE-side project lol, i just figured i'd share it and see if it was worth pursuing lol. Though based on the feedback and the kind of reception it got, i may be working a bit more in it now. As for my main project... well you'll be hearing more about it when its almost done.... lemme just say this: My laptop's desktop is littered with programs that fall in _ catigories:
1: About 19 are things like Word, Recycle, Pwi, Epw, Skype, Winrar, etc
2: 2 are junk files (not sure y they r there tbh)
3: 8 are pics and videos (i luv deadman wonderland (shame it was canceled) and FMAB lmao)  xD
4. one is a folder with all the details, maps, mobs, and such for this idea.
5. the other 37 are folders and pics relating to my major idea, and 5 rejected folders i have yet to delete.
And now i cant decided where tho gather more SS, mob skins, and inspiration for my current ideas, do more work on my main project, or work more in my 7 sins project lol.

my posts are too long............ i need to stop my tangents and rants....  :monkey-19: :monkey-41:
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