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.:: Your EPW Character as a Chibi ? ~ :.

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Heluu and welcome to my Chibi Bribe shop ~
Which is where I shall draw your in game Epicpw Character as a chibi ~

Please Read All Of This Before Asking Question's and Making a Request!

I'm unsure! Eeep!
So just in-case you are a little unsure of what I do well,
You fill out the form near the bottom of this post, and include a picture of your in game
perfect world character, and then I draw them as a chibi ?~

Why is it a Bribe ?
These drawing's take me up to 5 - 6hrs to finish, which is a lot of time,
so it would be really nice if I could maybe gain some in game items from this ~

What if I don't like it when it is finished / When to give the bribe ?
I will quote you with a very rough version of your finished picture,
so you may add any details about the rough colours I use or anything ~
After you have confirmed that you like the drawing I will not start to work on it until
I receive you'r bribe,  then after i receive it I shall continue finishing your drawing ~
( I have been used a lot, for example people never pay me, so I like to receive halfway through the drawing)

How long do they take?
As I'm not in my house all day the most you will be waiting for is 1week,
maybe even 2weeks if im busy, sorry ~

Do you do group drawing's?
Heck yea! Make sure you include their names in the Form and of course a picture of them!
The more the merrier ~
(note - Your bribe may have to be a lil bigger depending on how many people)

Now . . Is the part where I sound mean.
I do not have to accept your request ~
I do not accept Barb's . . SORRY.
I will try practice them though ~

About the styles -
Style one is just the same style but not digitaly done, its just drawn with pen and pencil
(a very small bribe for them as they take me up to 30min's)

Style 2 is the full works, drawn, scanned in, lineart, colour, shadding~

So here is my current style -

Style one -

Or style two -
Example one -
Example Two -

- Form -

In-game Character name's - (you may have more than one person)
In-game Character screen shot -  (screen of your character, make sure it is clear and shows full body)
Position - (What you want them to be doing in the picture)
Bribe - (what will you give me in return? These drawing's take roughly 5 - 6hrs)


- List -
1. Fufu. - Style 2
2. KittyFish - Style 2
3. Tali - Style 2

If the list is full please do not make a request!
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Okie so im guessing that is a No,
and no one is interested >~<

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give it time :)
i can tell u that not all the players even log the website nor the forum  :-X


How does this work? Should i inbox you my char's ss or post it here? :3 Will talk about bribes in abit :>.
Also i love your work, its soo adorable
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wow.. so cute :D

im interested :) ^-^


Make my sin and psy Chibi plis I suck at making cute female chars.

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i would love mine too but...for obvious reasons i can't pay hahaha

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I think she should do evil's toon as another example and for free or we all chip and buy it for him? I like this idea just a thought they would look good a pets too creating your own pet like the clothes and what it looks like as a chibi would be awesome I think people would pay for tohers to make there chibis too it probs will never be doen though it would be too troublesome to introduce but only aga can confirm or deny this xD

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When I get home I will edit my first post to add in a form that you have to copy and fill out for an order, i'll also add a little more info ~
The order form will prob be this -

(i'll fill it out as a example ~ ^o^)

In-game Character name's - Hikarii (you may have more than one person in the picture, the bribe you make may have to be more depending on how many people you want to add)
In-game Character screen shot - (just a random Pwi Character i found on google btw)
Position - Jumping in the Air smilling (i do stuff like piggy backs and other position's? maybe post a image of the position you want)
Bribe -  (uhm idk what bribe to put in ^^")

I hope it makes sense   :monkey-8:

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I totally love this idea and i want one :O
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
GM alt Krypto

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I don't know whats a bribe.... what is it? lol xD


Ingame :  Fufu

SS ->

My bribe would be a demonic wep token x1,since you're new to server its a token for you to use when you're 140 and reaching 150 you can recraft the wep for the endgame one :)
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I don't know whats a bribe.... what is it? lol xD
Bribe meaning you give me a in-game thing? o; Like something i may need ~
as these drawing's take me around 5 - 6Hours ^~^

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I totally love this idea and i want one :O
Ah, I'm glad to hear!
I need to practice drawing guy's a lot before i get home i guess :monkey-25:
Oh and Btw i will do Gm's Chibi's but theirs may take a little longer as i will put people who are
bribing for theirs at the top of my to-do list . . Sorry :monkey-12: