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Hack or Bugusing?

Offline Mirae

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its glitch.. simply reset stats xD

Offline Varna

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so much qq, it doesn't even form a problem since it's no hack and already possible to do for like forever,
plus reset stats isn't an option since it would also ruin the stats when in human form

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Offline xLeahx

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The only thing I see wrong here is Barb using claws. This was removed via the most recent patch. In System chat it was said to take a screenshot if found any barbs using claws in tiger form. He simply showed prove, no harm done.

Offline Reval

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High Damage
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Can't use any skill
Need to relog after doing this

Offline Wolfgang

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1st of all a barb using claws/fists in true form is not OP. Only if the barb have a party with buffers. But even then if he is ganked what is he gonna do? Only run because he cant use invoke. You say he is hack/bug etc but think about, you an kill him easy. You will have a hard time in killing onne who doesent use that. Think about, go in pk areas and look at all the barbs there...do you see any using fists/claws in true form? No cuz is useless... If you want cry do it about the 5aps barbs who doesent use true form, they will kill you.

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