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Guide - Contacting GM's ingame

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Alot of people wc for a GM and for me not to have to always explain how to get into the chatroom, i'm just gonna post this and link it to them.
Feel free to use it too:  tinyurl.com/EpwGmContact

1- On the bottom right find and click the "Join a chatroom" button

2- Double click the EpwSupport chatroom (if it's not on then no support members nor GM's are on)

3- In the chatroom you'll find Support Members (such as Kera/Kire/more of her alts) and/or GM's, in this screenshot there is EvilTouch, Alexypk and Magestic, though there are more. There will also often be other players in need and normal players who can help (Steroids for one is a regular).

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this is helpful, now if we could just get more people active in forums, EPW has pretty much everything you need right here if you just take the time to use them.
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this is helpful, now if we could just get more people active in forums, EPW has pretty much everything you need right here if you just take the time to use them.
This. A lot of people are too lazy to even get on the forum when we tell them to.

Anyway, post this in the guides section, very helpful as far as I'm concerned.

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Thanks for adding this. We don't always see people post for a GM on World Chat, or we are helping other people or we are running events and such, so it's easy to miss.

I would also like to add:

1. PM us directly in game - If you view the front page of our forums or go to this link: Click here

You can see what GMs are currently online (the names highlighted in blue) and PM us directly, rather than WCing, as we sometimes miss WC.


2. Helpdesk - We check this several times daily. It is one of the best ways to contact us regarding ban appeals, harassment or scamming issues, bugged characters or voting and donation issues, as all GMs can see your question/concern/complaint so you have a better chance of receiving a faster and better reply than just PMing one person at a time. I wouldn't suggest using this for questions about general gameplay and such, as that can be done via PMs or the Support Chatroom in game, the helpdesk is for issues outside that.

To post on the helpdesk, all you need to do is be logged into your forum account, go to the above link, then select 'NEW TOPIC' in the top righthand corner of the section window.

Then you can proceed to make your thread which only you and staff members can see, no other forum user.


3. Forum Messages - You can send us private messages on forum too. I, personally, have Tapatalk on my phone, so I receive notifications when someone messages me. Other GMs don't necessarily have this but we are still regularly on forums.

How to send a PM:

Visit this link: Click here
You will be able to click on any staff member's name to go to their profile.


This might seem unnecessary to everyone to post this information and some people may never read it, but hopefully it will help to both make our job easier and also easier for people to contact us properly and get a faster response.

The End.
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