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Where to level from level 147 to 150

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Hi, I am a level 147 WR with full Demonic gear, I would like to know which is the best place for me to solo level from level 147 to 150.
Thank you.

(typed 150 by mistake lol)
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If you are 150 wr with demonic i dont see why you need to lvl<.<..
Best place is pv/fc i think, gv is more for worse aoe classes and afkers
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Phoenix valley, FC runs, or even delta...some more boring that others but a few to choose from atleast

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I think if you can handle pv efficiently (you got good aoes and know how to stay alive), then PV is best for you. Barbs, Seekers, Wizzes, Psys, perhaps Clerics and Sins as well. Otherwise FC is nice, especially as you can exchange mats for blessing orders that give you 40k exp each (1 mat = 5 orders, so it's 200k exp per mat). I think the best for FC is sin, because you can just kill the bosses, skip mobs, get mats and after exchanging them for blessing orders, give them to your other chars. I think GV is very annoying and too dependent on the players. If leader dc's, the quest fails, if someone leaves the squad for some reason like "food" or such, then you might not be able to finish GV, unless among the 5 people left you got a good combo of players who know what they're doing. But apparently most people don't. Yesterday a seeker forgot to repair gears before GV, so he became useless, because he was hiding in the back and a wiz left after; GV failed. So I think GVs are the most annoying from all the ways above, even though it's not a bad exp, but not much higher than from orders/PV.

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I tried FC with Seeker. At lvl 149 with full Demonic, and G18 weapon I
kill everything in there and get 10.4%. It's somewhat above 200 mill XP.
1070 Blessings from one run will give you about 40 mill XP and takes time
to convert at Martial Arts Master.

Sin may be the best for FC in PWI, but here Seeker can do the major pull
and kill them pretty quick with just several Vortex.

On the other hand, PV run gives a bit less XP, but faster, and a bit more Coins.

Combine FC and PV to have some changes, and accept GV run whenever you
feel like it. Also, go to Shrine of Ancestors and take few sessions on EC mobs.
They might give you XP as quick as GV.

Another way to break monotony is to take lower lvl faction mate to FC run.
You will both have some XP. Less than solo, but you will make better friendships.
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