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This server is awsome!

Offline Aztec

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Greetings everyone!
Today, when going ingame after Agatio had fixed the server, everyone were QQing and saying stuff about server
But know this, Agatio spent whole night up trying to figure out how to fix the problem, he only got 30 minutes of sleep before he went to work and hes sacrificing hes personal time to give us the best server to play in , Agatio deserves a ***ing medal or a hooker for this so stop qqing and Appricate hes hard work.
And idc if you call me a asslicker, as i know that i aint one :)

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At least someone understand how much hard work have been added to fix all this mess.

Agatio trying our best to fix all this madness, but not always everything can be fixed.

GM`s will try to make MORE and BIGGER and EASIER events, to help people get atleast some EC, coins and stuff back.
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Aztec, Bro. I agree with you 100%. But about levels is very bad. I will buy Agatio medal, hooker. :D

Agatio, why you didnt save the server before you started to fix? You could save before doing something to it.

But anyway, thanks a lot for your hardwork, you can sleep well now. :)
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We can buy him hooker, but let him sleep first, right now he needs it the most.
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Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

Offline Maddie

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Nice, I'll get to check this out again this time.  8)