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Racial Discrimination?

Offline Lexx

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It wouldn't be allowed in everyday life so why do you allow it here?

YodasHell directed at me that I have 'bad teeth' simply because I'm British, which caused a problem in World chat. This is isn't expected considering the age of the audience this game is aimed at.


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why the hell would you say that to anyone....moron yodas

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There must not have been a GM online.

2.1. Serious insults such as family insults or racism.
Breaking this rule will result on the following:
•1st. Player will be automaticly banned for 1day. (We here at EpicPW server wont allow any kind of family insults nor racism related insults).
•2nd. If the player continues with the harrasement the account in question will be banned for 2 days. (This implicates returning with an alternative character/account to keep the problems going).
•3rd. Ultimately if the player likes to continue the problems and insults the IP related to that account and related accounts will be banned permanently.

That is rule 2.1.

I will discuss this with Coffee (the other GM online), as it was in faction chat.

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

Offline Erhie

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I do not condone what he said. However, we have to realize that the world isn't perfect....
Essentially the idea is to ignore those sort of people...
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I agree with HappY, sad but true!  I'd also recommend finding a faction where the leader and officers don't tolerate that kind of behaviour, or let their members behave in that way on WC.

Thank you to Syringe for my avatar <3

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What he said isnt actually that bad lol... <-- im british too.
You Better Be Scared...

Offline musikman

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Since when is did english people become its own race?


agree to HappY but sowy someone spoke that way to u or about u Lexx, anyways PW isnt perfect but EPW comes close :)

Offline Agatio

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Closed, the player will receive warn.
Next time please contact the GM directly.
Also to clear up this is not: Serious insults such as family insults or racism.