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Hi :)

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People of EPW,
My name is Paolo hope we see each other In game :)

PS:I will just start playing this game it is my first time playing PW hope you help me in game :)

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Weeeee.....  :D
Thanks for choosing EPW....
PM HappeH in game if you are having troubles with anything....
also refer to this guide:
- By Pammy
Also consider using "ctrl + F" to find exactly what you're looking for.

Very easy read and extremely informative.
Happy Hunting ^^
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Welcome to EpicPW! Enjoy. (:

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Welcome and enjoy your stay on EpicPW ;D


Whaaaaaaale cumm ^^

P.S this is not spamm its just meh

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Welcome to EPW, don't make bad decisions in your first faction.
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Welcome to EPW, don't make bad decisions in your first faction.
Aw Legit, why do you have to scare our newcomers already?  ;D
Hi Paolo, welcome to the game (and the best server, but maybe I'm biased hehe) and the forums!

Thank you to Syringe for my avatar <3