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Some questions before download it

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I already read guilds topic's , but i still have few questions about Blademaster and if it's doing good on that server :

1: Which kind of bms here aps or caster ?(if aps, what's number of aps base).

2: Did they resist well ? (mass pk ,1vs1).

3: Did they deal good damages ?

Thanks you.
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1. BMs are more of a Crowd Control class in PK with their stuns/HFs/Spikes/Tornados/Pulls etc. They are played both ways; caster while using axes/pikes etc and APS while using claws. Base APS are 2.86 with Dragon equips and claws and can go to 3.33 if you are lucky and get a triple interval wrist on R8R gear.

2. Depending on your gear and what you use, a BM can be very tanky (with def level weap, mag reduc, sutras) and survive well.

3. And again, if you know what you're doing with a BM, you can deal a good amount of damage.

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Just to clear up, BMs are 3.33 base with dragon / 4.0 base with 3x -int wrists

They can be either, APS or DPH / crowd control depending on which gear set they are wearing (dragon or r8r). BMs got best defences in game and can survive a lot.

And for best damage you have to sacrifice a bit of survivability obviously, using different cape / tome / weapon. They can deal tons of damage with proper combos, but that usually requires a lot of chi and it's very situational.

1v1 APS gear still can defeat most players without big effort, except the best geared ones.

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Aw thank you for infos ,but that's 150 max lvl server , light armor classes can get a lot of evasion  (barbs got skill increase accuray) bms will find serious problems :p you can say : add more dex to your build. but it decrease your P attack by reducing str ,  i already see other private server(150 lvl) added 50 % accuray to bms

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Just download it.u will never regret it


why asking? you already picked the best server. Even if it isn't perfect, it's better than others, I recommend you to start installing rite nao!

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BM's are so versatile. They can be APS and DPH if you want although it won't be as strong as a pure build but you get the best of both worlds. As Agatio and Caffeine have said, you can get pretty high APS with BM's. 

BM's have one of the best defences especially with their marrows. They are usually the tankers or secondary tankers if there's a barb in the party for PVE. In PVP, they are usually CC-ing because of the CC capability of the BM with the axe path.

As for damage, BM's hit hard and combined with skills such as HF, you can do some really nasty damage. A pure build will definitely give you really good damage but being a hybrid build gives you more skills and combos to kill your opponent.

Either way, a BM is that versatile that no matter what you choose to do with it, you usually won't go wrong. But if you do, you can always just get a restat scroll at god's giving for a few thousand gold

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Badge of Courage + leaps, I hate you BMs *,,,*