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Couple of Forum Suggestions

I would love to see added a Class section added  :)  I use the official forums for reading up on stuff, but because our server is unique (e.g. custom armour sets, shards), thought it would be helpful to have our own class section, what do you guys think?

I also thought a Guild Recruitment section might be helpful.

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i think its a good idea, im tired of reading up on pwi wiki but getting information that isnt useful to me in this server and also since i myself, personally already read the entire pwi wiki about 5 times over.. every single class, class tab, and normal tabs XDD

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good idea, and about the guild recruitment section why not make it a guild section instead  :P atleast a section where each guild can post SS for them or post guild topics  :P players will use forum more often and i bet it will be fun

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i dont have much ideas ... my blonde hair wont let meh :P

i know we could have a Mr an Ms Epic contest!!  oooooh an its summer could we have more beaches and beer stands like amstel or heineken ooooooh i know! our own bay watch team npc's

yoooosh beer and sun lotion please an Ty ^^ 

um  ... Fail >< Nvm its not about ingame related is it ??
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A guild section would be nice, each guild creates a post, and only there members could post on it (Or they get a 1H ban for posting in a opposing guilds thread.)
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A guild section would be nice, each guild creates a post, and only there members could post on it (Or they get a 1H ban for posting in a opposing guilds thread.)

Given the amount of people that love testing GM's ingame for mutes and ban's (and a lot that get away with it), This will result in a lot of(how to put this?) BS.


im happy we dont get banned for spammin forums cuz um i think i spamm sometimes ... like now.. ?

butt i realy realy need a heineken beer stand ingame :) Cheers
LOL Ragnarok, I don't mind a bit of spam, yours was very entertaining and a good idea.. just not in-game  :P

Thanks for the feedback guys and the support.

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theres one thing we could do, we could create a guild section for each guild that wants it, and the Leader would have to give us their members forum name, so we could add it to their section. Thing is...wouldnt be better for your guild to create your own forum ? i think thats a better idea :/ there are free hosts for forums, easy to manage aswell.

about the characters sections...thats a thing to be discussed i guess. We need to see how beneficial would it be to add such sections ;) but i'll foward it to the rest of the Staff and we will decide it :D