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Post your fav' shoes!

Title sais it
Mines are


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Dude... They're SHOES. They are utilitarian items meant for walking around in otherwise hostile environments. You may certainly have a comfortable pair of shoes, or shoes designed for certain purposes (such as steel toed work boots, or light weight running shoes for exercise). But to what point and purpose do you spend HUNDREDS of dollars on shoes to use them as a STATUS symbol? Do you have any idea how pointless, and shallow of a statement that is? The sheer idiocy displayed by people who do this sort of thing is staggering. It's conspicuous consumption of gross proportions.

Imagine what you could do with all of the money you waste on status symbols such as this. You're wasting money (more than likely not your own) on items DESIGNED to be dragged through snow, mud, rain, dirt, and other conditions that will eventually destroy your precious name brand status items. Good thinking champ.

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This retard made useless thread again

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Closing thread. Please stop spam-making new ones. They bully you harder than Svetlana, so I don't see why you continue.

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37: