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@Icy - Loved the video man. The beginning was nerve wrecking and suspenseful. Very well made.  Definitely out did yourself ^^. 3 thumbs up and i only have 2 :D.
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WTF IM NOT ON IT, DELETE VIDEO NOW SON U BISH. Man it would#ve been funnier if someone from def squad actually recorded, since those clerics, and barbs dropped like flies (0 pdef + triple spark AS = 200k on 1 barb, cant remember who).
And yea the last push they actually made got wiped by us and few secs later we won.
ibi wik

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so many of those didnt even show up  :normal-2:

i would have said gf at the end cause it was a good tw, but HO didnt act very mature about their win, so kinda pointless.
Don't forget ppl that had to go sleep after 30mins~ of tw.  :normal-22:

HO stop talking big. All you've got is number. If you can win a 10v10 then I'd admit I'm wrong. Until then, Xpen GF <3  :normal-4: :normal-25:

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Calm down and just say good fight :)
Most people take this game way too serious.

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Calm down and just say good fight :)
Most people take this game way too serious.
And with these kind words we can close the topic  :)