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Freezing screen

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Hy, can you please to make somehting with freezing screen when u do something else too ? I play the game and also play on facebook and i hate  when the screen is freezing and i can't see what my char is doing ... I hope you can make somethin with it . Thanks

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I play minecraft, and EPW at the same time usually, it's most likely your comp not being able to run both at once.
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My screen freezes as well, even if I just click the desktop. Some of the other servers have this problem, too, and others don't. It's not just our computers not being able to hand it since it's not like this on every server. There must be a way to change it from a freezing client to a non-freezing one. I agree with katha: it sucks :P
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its nothing about cimputers, Perfect World will always freeze if you click outside the actual game. theres no other way around.

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oh lol THATS what you meant, i thought you meant it got stuck, but yeah, for all the perfect world servers, the clients screen will always stop until u go back to it, as evil said.