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Anyone Else having trouble with the patch?

Offline Jaye

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I'm sure it can't be just me.. although my system does seem to hate to update.. but i've tried the drag and drop method i've done the manual method i've tried to verify and nothing.. my patcher just sits there  like a fat chick after a bucket of chicken.. does absolutely nothin.. can someone help me troubleshoot further?? pretty plz.. i'd like to play some tonight..

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Offline Agatio

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Please restart your PC and then check the solutions from issue #1 there: http://epicpw.com/support/known-issues-and-fixes/
If the problem will still persist, it would be helpful if you attached the screenshot of your patcher.

Offline Gypsy

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I stepped away for a min for the health of my laptop and came back restarted called her pretty names promised to love her forever and what do u know it works... thanks aga..