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Music. Can't live without it!

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Meanwhile we wait for the server to get back on its feet, I thought we could all share some quality time sharing mankind's best creation (sometimes): music.

Generally I listen to Metal & Rock 24/7, but have other tastes aswell, like Trance/Techno and Classical. One of my best descoveries lately:

So, what kind of music do you enjoy? Share!

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Train, Owl City, Coldplay, Maroon 5 =p

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hip-hop, r&b, reggae, some rock, some classic, and my favourite animes style music

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Well, I've got some kind of obssesion with asiatic music, specially japanese doujin music.
Feel free to check my blog where I upload many songs, as well as I reblog art paintings.
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Nickelbaaaaack <3

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Not all music can be beautiful. However, it can still make us laugh or just be really, really sad.

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i remember the fashion

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old song but still good :)

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About funny music, I completely lmao with this pv
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Best to listen at night, with good headphones :P

Not recommended, to listen after realy scary horro movie lol ;)

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You can't live without mau5

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Epic song for an Epic server XD
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Nickelbaaaaack <3

freaking lullaby is my favorite song atm


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Whoooot i luv metal / Rock and anything that isnt plastic if a person or band makes music makes the lyrics an it sounds good i will apreciate it, matters not if its instumental, techno, classical, hardcore, blues, country i like it all :)

latest music i play, Killswitch Engage, Green Day, and Skid Row ;)

We are the Yooooouth Goooone Wild
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