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Agatio you forgot to boost the soulforce!!!DONT FLAME MY TOPIC REBELS!!

Hey Agatio how i told u before, i saw that u Maybe forgot to increase the soulforce amount in the gears, talking about AAs +12 gears, i will make some comparisons with our gear stats m and natural gears stats(that most serves use, official or privates), lets start. Magic attack = Natural 13k~15k, EPW  55k-65k. Physical Defense = Natural 3k~6k, EPW 9k~13k. Magical Defense = Natural 16k~20k, EPW 26k~30k. Soulforce = Natural 55k max, EPW 55k, 70k for psys, and HP = Natural 12k~15k, EPW 23k~30k. Well, how can u see Agatio, the difference between the stats in Natural mode vs EPW mode is like 4x, but lets think about Soulforce and defenses, Defenses suffered a big boost, but soulforce dont, so defenses can reduce more the soulforce dmg, and our soulforce bleeds and soulburn hit less than in natural gears, what i suggest Agatio is simple, increase the soulforce amount of all classes to a amount where the proportional dmg of natural gear serves is keeped, example, if with 55k soulforce in natural server my soulburn hit 4k thats is around 1/3 of the AA enemy Hp, here with a XXk soulforce we should hit 7k per soulburn bleed, to keep the proportion of 1/3 of the Hp AA enemy, that is 23k~30k, BUT we still hit 4k with soulburn that is 1/6 of the HP AA enemy, so this prejudice psys, idk the amount necessary to reach that proportion but i think its around 130k~150k Soulforce, and to dont make the SoSilence and stunning Op, u can change both skills numbers % manually, so Agatio, im not asking for boost, just to keep the proportional stats of the gamer creator, think, we dont have a fire combo like wizard, we dont have physical dmg skill, we cant 1 hit ppl easy like wizard mystics, but we have hard bleeds based on soulforce, but with that wrong soulforce amount they are not hard, so what we do??So fix that pls Agatio, ty, and mods, i will not reply this topic until Agatio post here, people will flame that cause im famous, so instead of lock this, try to control the ppls please Amnesia, Night, ET, alexy...
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As if Psychics are somewhere near being weak now.

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will you please stop making more of these,you were answered by alot of players including gms.It was asked before and got raised to a little extent. ~Locked