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Idea for daily quest

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Well, I was thinking about how to make server even more interesting and came with idea about making new quest :P

I know that at the moment we having problems with DOS`ing and Agatio working on descent patch, but maybe this could be done later.

Idea of the quest is to kill 4 kings – very strong worldbosses.
I had a bit different idea for first, but Evil insisted to mix there and some PvP. But I`m not sure if this will work.

Quest contains few parts. After every part player will get 1x Old Epic coin in his inventory, „quest items“ section(if it`s possible) and after finishing whole quest – those would be transfered into normal inventory finishing whole quest.

So first of all, we would need to make new NPC, I was thinking to call it „Shilena“ or „Deity of dreams“ or maybe few more NPC to make it a bit longer and more annoying lol.

Quest would be called: The line of deathless kings

Part one: Bring 6x blemish aquamarine shards, 6x blemish amethys shard, 6x blemish ruby shard, 6x blemish topaz shard (they can be made at Jewelcraftsman NPC)

Part two: Gather 20x „stone of life“, they should be dropped from mobs „Undead army“ – they can be found at 559 978. We should increase their HP and lvl, maybe make them like mobs in GV. And drop rate of the items should be around 30-45% (just need to find some useless item and rename it). And would be nice if those items would be contained in inventory tab „quest items“, so people wouldn`t sell them in catshops for other players.

Part three: Here starts the tricky part. At this part players will have to kill 4 mini bosses. They should be spawn in dungeon „Secret passage“. This dungeon is free – you don`t have timer there, you can see all people who enters it and PK here is allowed.
Bosses spawn time should be maybe 5min. So squads would PK against each other if they don`t want to waste their time waiting :P
And since I don`t want this to make easy for sins, mobs here should be 185lvl, so sins can`t stealth through them and will have to kill them. Mobs here shouldn`t be very hard, so lower level players could do it to. But if they want to pass this – should go in squad.
(I was thinking to name those bosses Minotaur, Colosus, Cycplos and Centaur. But sadly I coudln`t found any mob that looks like Cyclop and Centaur, so will think about names later).

Part four: This part is tricky, cause I`m not sure if it`s possible to make. When doing the 3th sage culti NPC teleports you to one of cube rooms. I was thinking that we should do the same, just teleport people to Jail for about 8min, where they can get killed. And one more problme that was found by Evil – what about people who at that moment will be doing cube? So maybe we could duplicate that room somehow? To not interupt people who doing cube, not this quest.
When the time ends – people would be teled out to NPC, where they can take another task.
(There is one more dungeon – Cave of sadistic glee, where PK is allowed. But I don`t like it, cause it`s big and there is lot of places to hide.)

Part five: This part is easy. And kinda funny. So in this part people will need to kill 100 Ram`s(we should call them Sacred Ram). They will be summoned in shrine of tides. It`s 1lvl mob, that can be found running in every city. One aoe – and they all died. Since there would be sumoned 80 inside of small cave and some around the cave, people again can meet some PK here. Of course they aren`t bosses or mini bosses, so they respawn time should be fast.

Part six: Easy, but annoying. I think all know those rare pets, which veno can tame and make all class pets. For example – dodo bear, it`s realy annoying cause he`s not aggresive and he always running around place. We should make a boss, again kinda strong, who is running around some place. (Respawn time fast)

Part seven: a bit annoying. Players will need to dig 5x Salvia root, 5x Nectar and 5x Ageratum(can be found near every main city).

And the last part – players have to kill 4 kings – I was thinking to name them King of Fire(fire elemental boss), King of Ice(water elemt boss), King of wind(we don`t have wind elemt, so it should be metal element boss or wood, and flying. Kinda annoying, but fun.) and the lost one obviously should be named King of Earth(earth elemental boss).
Trickest part here – all can be found in four different places around normal map and respawn time - ~10min. If you see other squad and don`t want to wait – kill them.
They should be realy hard, not such hard as boss „Legs“ that sometimes summoned for faction, but and not very weak.

I think this would be fun daily quest. Prize for it not only old epic coins, but and chrono page.
It involves PvP as Evil wanted, and PvE as wanted I.

We could make it availabe after descent patch.

If you like idea and it`s possible to make it, I will later think about some bosses name, their location, looks. And create short story line for this quest(guess no one would read it, but still nice to have).
Parts could be switched, would depend from the story line(already have idea for it to :P).

This is SS of "Secret passage" and where boss could be located.

And the "Shrine of tides", where would be Ram located :D

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And btw, quest shouldn`t be able to stack as BH`es. To prevent people for collecting it for few days and then at one time finishing ~3 of them.

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I think people would find it annoying for a daily event since takes quite a bit of time, but could work as a time-to-time event. I like the idea.
Please, read the general forum & game rules here.
If you have any problem, feel free to PM me.


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I think people would find it annoying for a daily event since takes quite a bit of time, but could work as a time-to-time event. I like the idea.

If they wouldn`t like it - they can just not do it everyday. Keeping it`s daily I think is best, cause high level people don`t have what to do. They can only PK, but there isn`t PK whole the time.