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Well i will say in that topic everything i dont like and i like, lets start, i dont like rebels, rebel rock and roll, dark colors, death, skulls, bloods, System of a downer, slipknot, Iron Maiden, Black vil brites, mongols animes, band t-shirt, bands that eat bat, punks, and any kind of tags, rocker hairs, black set of clothes, ppl that correct the others writtes, ppls that talk obscenes things, arab music, asia music, japanese porn, japanese weird sexual things, serious gamers, slut teenage girls that show her boobs and some parts to strange ppls in the internet, feminists, NSA, teens that use pot, teens that smoke, fat ppls that have no life because of lazyness, i dont like how the Usa think they own all the world and i dont like ppl that use anime names in his toons like Paul Uchiha. I like snickers.
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What is the point of this thread aw.
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