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Any suggestions on how to increase internet speed? Lately i've been getting 400-1000 ms ingame, and I'm not sure if that's the servers or me. (Most likely me) I've had a delay of about 3 seconds everytime i cast a skill. Any help?

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that might be somethig with your connections.
try clearing your dns cache.

also check for the recent installed stuff, something might be in conflict.

that usually happens when you are overloading the connection, for example, while downloading something. if your internet isn't so high (but in the present this shouldnt happen cuz everyone have good speed) even watching youtube can make this delays happens.

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The Lag & Delay ur talking about may be caused if your not alone on ur internet connection , like example if u are on laptop and u use a wreless router on wich other can connect and steal internet from ur router that may result in U lagging while playing on internet  , or if ur using a a router wich connects multiple PCs with LAN cables , if the other person(s) are connected to ur router too , and they are using the internet for  Waching movies ,downloading , watching on YouTube , and the connection isn't that powerfull , u may experience LAG and Delay , if ur Alone on ur internet connection try disable Automatic Updates in Controll Panel , maybe ur PC is automatically downloading and installing updates and u don't know , or go to START BAR  , see RUN and click it and in the box type services.msc , press ENTER than a window should appear find Background Intelligence Transfer (BIT) and disable it. Hope this will be usefull for u. :tiger-1: :normal-1: :pig-1: :monkey-1: