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Do you like an 2nd server as 1.3.6 old time ?


2nd server as 1.3.6

Offline Agatio

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Man..it would be pretty cool. Or maybe you can add like a high rate pve server and then extreme pvp server. I guess that's kinda like the same thing tho. It would bring in a lot of people. Extreme rate pvp 1.4.6 would be pretty cool. 1.3.6 would be better, but Agatio would have to put in a lot of work. The GMs could split up. Half stay at high rate pve and other half go to extreme pvp.
I think there should be extreme pvp 1.3.6, extreme pvp 1.4.6, low rate 1.4.6 plus the current one of course. So we would be 4 servers in total. So neat idea  :)

Closed since answered in my previous post.

Offline Coffee

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Lol..... How is it alot of work when you said you already had it "ready" ages ago. We have thousands of players, I don't think it would hurt to TRY to open the 1.3.6 that we already worked on and talked about. If it doesn't work out then close it. Why would we lose all our players when there isn't any other servers with pvp out there. Just sayin. '-'