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NW: God's Giving.

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I bought 7 charms one week by accident.  Went click happy. 

My husband, who forgets to even repair at times, forgot one.  He was lucky we were always in the same spot. 

I support this.  Only worry is that it'll make folks lazier, but that's no longer a valid reason since folks are gonna be lazy regardless of if GG is in NW or not.

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Buy xtra charms, place a sticky note visible on your monitor saying REPAIR B4 NW. :o

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Sounds great, I support this 100%  :monkey-1: :monkey-1: :monkey-1:

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I like this idea.
Read this and grow up
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Would like to see this happen.

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This is a great idea.

Never actually happened to me, though.. :-X

Hi ❤

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If not a God's Giving, then at least a blacksmith for repairs.

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This should happen
I'm basically 40

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Bumping this. Plis gn add gods giving to NW bases  :'(

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Bump, GM interaction would be nice?!

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Bumping this. Plis gn add gods giving to NW bases  :'(

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