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Patch v70

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Patch notes:
  • Added 5 new mounts and 4 new pets to the Events Forge.  Preview
  • Added new tab to the Events Forge with special, custom T-shirts. These T-shirts contain printings from anime or things related to the music (preview will be available soon). Also added female jeans. More fashion is coming too!
  • Added new weapon fashion to the Boutique and NPC's.
  • Increased crafting speed of many useful items in Events, Boutique and Contemplation Forge.
  • Increased drop rate of orginal PWI World Bosses.
  • Updated faction icons.
  • Fixed bug that let players create factions with names that were already taken.
  • Added new tab to the User Panel, where players can buy special items. At the moment only Identity Stone is available (allows to change character name, old name can't be used anymore once changed).

Also we will be having 2x event for next few days!


TY GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

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Coool. Thanks (:

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I love the Void Panther mount! Thanks to 2x maybe I'll be able to get my Cleric to 150 before it ends. ^^
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How long will server be down for patch?
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Double experience and drops?

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oooh looking forward to this new patch- like the sound of name change stone- (should cheer up all those that had the 'oops' moment when making their names) Nice one Agatio  :tiger-42:
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time to waste all my money in more wep skins
That's the spirit  :normal-42:
i feel like i'm dead

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Thanks for the 2x and update!

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YES !! thank you so much  :monkey-26:
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 :normal-3:  Ty for the patch  :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8: :normal-8:

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So...how do we get points for the name change stone?