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EPW Giveaway!

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UPDATE: Since there are so many sign ups already, I have increased the amount of winners to five.

First place/Grand prize: 700 ec & 500 supply tokens
Second place: 500 ec & 300 supply tokens
Third place: 300 ec & 100 supply tokens
Fourth place: 200 ec
Fifth place: 100 ec 

Any drama, off topic posts, or anything that isn't an entry is not allowed and will be deleted.

Offline Coffee

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  • is adorable. ❤
This is the entry list. I will update it frequently. Your entry number is your "ticket" number and everyone can see their number below.

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character: Elly
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Elly - 150 Sage venomancer
Decipher - 150 Demon mystic

[22:32:11] Chad: the name rev
[22:32:13] Chad: is foul language

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im signing up <:
[8/22/13 12:56:05 PM] Fab: come, i headhunt your pants
[8/22/13 12:56:38 PM] Bre :3: You're so cute I shadow walk before coming near you.
[8/22/13 12:56:59 PM] Scott: You make me fully charge my take aim.
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Hong: You're so hot even soul of fire cant stop you
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Scott: You make my domain absolute.
[8/22/13 12:58:18 PM] Bre :3: Your beauty stuns me through belief.
[8/22/13 1:00:04 PM] Scott: Keep this up and i'll release my deadly shot.

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Dysfunction Sage Archer ~150
Cherie Demon Veno ~150
Improper Demon Bm ~150

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Bump>>>I want in o:
So do I. In game nick - PIuencee.
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If there be a hell upon earth it is to be found in a melancholy man's heart...

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Signing up please.

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Lemme in.... tnx
Archer 150 Cleene
Seeker 150 MsLoveD