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Phoenix Valley Crash Fixes

Offline ToxxicKush

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Hello. After noticing the increasing amount of players who cannot enter Phoenix Valley, ive taken it upon myself to find some fixes

1. Client Version must be 606 or higher.
2. Verify all your files, something may have gotten corrupt in downloading or update process.
3. Relog and reboot.

These are only some of the fixes that I myself have found. This stops the crashes when opening, and entering phoenix valley. Ive not come across any errors on the way out. But hopefully this will fix all Pheonix Valley Errors.

Goodluck and have fun grinding. Any further questions can be sent to my email [email protected] or pm me in game ToxicFist or ToxicKush

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To not crash inside PV all u need to do is Relog to ur Character Selection or wait for the Damage Count to ends.

If you leave PV while the Damage Count is running you will get DC'ed, this is due to the large amount of mobs inside :(

Offline Nexy

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Evil this is an issue where people cant get in to PV, ive seen afew people with this problem.

The crash on exit is fixable by waiting or by relogging.

Offline ToxxicKush

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Yes maybe i should have made that more clear. I made this because i could not even enter PV at all, i wouldnt even get a loading screen before i crashed. People would say u need to relog etc, but i hadnt even gone in one. Wasn't the case. So i did some updating and it fixed the problem. Figured i would share with the server incase others were experiencing the same problem