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Server update fail! Try other server?

Offline HandoJin

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This is irritating! Ok, so where's the OTHER update server????
No button or option on the log in screen? Ok, this is rocket science?
Seriously?? No link or button or instruction to this OTHER update server?
No let's not simply this, let's keep it difficult and vague.
Patcher link on the site is a Deadl Link? pfft, jeez, really?
Tried double clicking the patcher.exe. Same fail.
Lemme guess, waste a bunch of frigging time to reinstall the stupid game?
And does this come patched, or do I have to patch the download?
What a joke!!!!
(I'll be on Planetside2 till I get an answer, a game that actually works)

Offline HandoJin

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Thanks, yea I read all that. A bunch of dated info from 2011. Used it to get the game runiing initially.
No, in fact I'm used to clicking a button, and things work.  :rolleyes:
Not interested in a degree in computer programming.
Either this works or it doesn't. Whitout jumping through hoops and wasting 4hours. If there's a patch, then link the patch on the website if they can't figure out how to tie it into the login screen/frontend. Then simply run the patch and start the game, not read wall of text and figure out which, if any, applies to you. Then perform experiment to see if vague suggestion actually works.
If there's a patch, Link The Patch!
If there's an alternate update server LINK THE UPDATE SERVER.
Untill then, well i guess that was fun......

Offline Meese

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Look in you updateserver list and see if its the right patch server. If it isn't change it to what it says. Its not rocket science and it takes a minute max to check (Patcher folder > server > updateserver). Instead of raging about it, try all those things listed. Things stop working for some reason sometimes. If you can't run the patcher then there's something wrong with a file somewhere in your client. If having the files I added below doesn't help, then run the fixit.bat file and verify.

serverlist file.
updateserver file.
Copy and paste those into those files and check if its working.
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