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Suggestion for 1v1 tournament.

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I suggest you limit the amount of sins in the 1v1 Tournament or even any class in the tournament literally half the participants in the tournament were sins today making the tournament no where near as fun as it could be.

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There are 16 slots in the 1v1 event, half of those slots are filled with sins.  It's discouraging for those who'd like to try but because the event is sin heavy, they won't.  Even the reflex event has some form of limit to class (sins in particular).  The both times I've seen that event ran, Ruin had to say "NO MORE SINS."  I say even 4 sins is plenty.

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i agree with it :)  :smiley:

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Yes, I LOVE this idea.
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Allowing whomever instead of setting restrictions saves time.
I think it's a good idea, but it's up to the hosting GM.

Personally, yes I do try to balance it by limiting. A few days in a row I had like 14 sins, 9 ea's sign up. e.e That's not fun for me to watch, and not fun for others participating.